Member News

October 2016
Christine Allen-Riley - Bronwyn Green's book The Professor's Student tied for 1st place in the Passionate Plume contest. Almost done with next Boud book. Subbed a short to a collection.

Judith Austin-Lieffers - Kindle Scout declined to publish Dazzled - but I got 2700+ votes total - over 1100 were from strangers just brosing the site. I'm putting Dazzled up on Amazon next week. Look for it soon!

Elle Clouse - Anthology coming soon! Reflections of Love.

Patricia Kiyono - Working on final galley edits for Three French Inns. Sent Flowers for Maddy to editor last week and hope to submit to an anthology by next week. Still looking for an alpaca resource.

Ginny Hebert - My book A Season of Deceptions is published! (Virginia Hebert)

September 2016
Elle Clouse - Stealing the Wolf Prince is out in audiobook. Besotted released and out on e-book.

Patricia Kiyono - Plugging away on short story and multi-author series book.

Peggy Hanchar - I'm here! I'm here!

James Quatrine - Still editing.

August 2016
Judith Austin-Lieffers - Dazzled is already on Kindle Scout's Hot and Trending List! Yay!

Elle Clouse - Stealing the Wolf Prince is out in audiobook. Besotted released August 30. Focus on Fantasy Romance podcast launched.

Patricia Kiyono - Completed and submitted Three French Inns to publisher. Making progress on short story for anthology.

Mary Matthews/JC Hanks - Not much writing, but have author events coming up in Montague and Kalamazoo.

Kathryn Sue Moore - Angel Beneath My Wings, my debut novel, hit #15 on Amazon's top 100 list for Contemporary Christian Fiction. I'll be pitching my next novel, Providence, at the ACFW conference next Friday and Saturday. Please say a prayer that it lands a big publisher.

Ken Norris - Shopping Irish book to agents. Sold travel story to Finished art short story.

Eric Thomasma - Will have a table at Westview CRC Artisan Fair November 12, 9-3.

July 2016
Christine Allen-Riley - Working on three novels.

Judith Austin-Lieffers - Working on website and blog.

Elle Clouse - Besotted releases August 31st.

Patty Gordon/Patricia Kiyono - Making progress on Christmas historical. KDL selected The Samurai's Garden as a recommended read.

Mary Matthews/JC Hanks - Editing, writing, trying to wrap things up in prep for some indie publishing.

James Quatrine - Appearing in the play The Time of Your Life at Spectrum Theatre July 14th, 15th, 16th, 21th, 22nd, and 23rd.

Jenny Trout - Books flopped, retreat was awesome, everything was awesome.

June 2016
Patty Gordon/Patricia Kiyono - Entered the International Digital Awards Contest with Two Tutor Doves. Connected with an awesome resource @ GVSU who has been very helpful with details on French history for the next book in the series. Attended Spring Fling in Chicago - learned a lot and made connections with possible speakers for GRRWG.

Emily Siler - decided on a pen name (E. M. Siler) and almost finished short story project.

Toni LaRose - finishing first book.

Elle Clouse - Stealing the Wolf Prince is a finalist in the RONE awards.

JC Hanks - Working on cookbook again and gardening.

Dave Stricklen - organizing Scrivener writing program presentation June 27. Attended Chicago SCBWI Conference. Went to Europe for 17 days.

May 2016
Elle Clouse - Finished short story Star Crossed for Reflection of Love Anthology. Stealing the Wolf Prince paperback available at KDL. Libby Sinclare cover for The Hunted purchased

Patty Gordon - Went to MMRWA retreat, enjoyed Christie Craig! Looking forward to Spring Fling. Still trying to plot new Christmas book.

Peggy Hanchar - New book published, Alaskan Woman. Working on new mystery.

Tracy Michaud - Started a series of four erotic romance novellas. Need mentor!

Kathryn Sue Moore - Join me for my first author event at United Methodist Church, Cedar Springs May 16 at 7pm.

April 2016
Cindy Arends - New position at work. Also working on some Youtube funnies.

Elle Clouse - Deadlocked (Audio) by Libby Sinclair released. Stealing the Wolf Prince out in paperback. Reflections of Love anthology on schedule for September.

Jessica De La Rosa - Participating in Camp Nano.

Patty Gordon - Chicken Soup reprinted a story from 2014 and MLive ran an article about it. The Samurai's Garden is a monthly librarian's pick at KDL.

Kathryn Sue Moore - My new book Angel Beneath My Wheels is out 5 weeks now and still 5 stars on Amazon!

Eric Thomasma - Going to KDL Writer's Conference.

March 2016
Elle Clouse Stealing the Wolf Prince will be out on paperback next month. Dead Locked by Libby Sinclair will be coming out on audio.

Jessica De La Rosa - Participating in Camp Nano starting in April.

Patty Gordon - Totally failed at Spring Nano. Working on Chicken Soup story and researching Christmas story. Searching for Lady Luck was a finalist in the International Digital Awards.

Mary Matthews - I'm a grand-aunt! Still working on WIP and updating The Cookbook.

Dave Stricklen - Book is in for editing.

Jenny Velasco - Completed Nano!

February 2016
Elle Clouse - Stealing the Wolf Prince won 3rd Place PNG Reviewers Choice for Fantasy Romance. Libby Sinclair Dead Locked hit #1 on Amazon Sci-Fi Erotica

Jessica De La Rosa - Participating in the NYC Midnight Short Story Competition. Results of round one due in March.

Toni LaRose - Working on first book Insignificant Other.

Kathryn Moore - Debut novel, Angel Beneath My Wheelsa Christian romance, launching February 29th.

Bobbi Schirado - Researching for nonfiction book. Reviewing mystery book for changes.

January 2016
Elle Clouse - New release - January 15th - Deadlocked by Libby Sinclair

Tammie DenBoer/Electra Gajdos - New release - Ambushing Malachi published.

Andrea Dickinson - new idea for a book based on a series of first dates.

Jessica DuBridge - Completed two of three goals.

Patricia Kiyono - writing again after a two month break.

Mary Matthews/J. C. Hanks - Not much, but have a publisher interested in seeing my currons hand project when first draft is ready.

Kathryn Moore - Debut novel, Angel Beneath My Wheels, a Christian romance, launching end of February.

Emily Siler - back to work!

November 2015
Bronwyn Green - Released books 29 and 30 in October.

Christine Allen-Riley - Is still working on her second YA.

Andrea Dickinson - Plotting a new women's fiction novel.

Jessica Dubridge - Busy working on NaNoWriMo

Patricia Kiyono - Christmas anthology Patricia Kiyono Christmas Collection was released last month. Busy promoting all holiday titles.

J.C. Hanks - Sold three cookbooks at Michigan Mega 50 in Muskegon. Good Event. Working on NaNoWriMo and rewrite to beta readers.

Kathryn Moore - Angel Beneath My Wheels, my debut novel, is slated to launch February 16th. Just finished edits.

October 2015
Bronwyn Green - Has two new releases this month and wrote 62,000 words in 5 weeks.

Peggy Hanchar - Working on W.M due to Resplendence Publishing. Also working on Alaskan Woman, moving forward on self-publishing.

J.C. Hanks - Royalty check. YAY!

Jenny Trout - A book I contributed to The Feminist Utopia Project comes out October 13th. My book The Baby comes out November 10th.

September 2015
Peggy Hanchar - The Pirate's Daughter sent to editor. Editing book for self publishing.

Patricia Kiyono - The Partridge and the Peartree re-released with new editing and new cover on September 1. Its sequel, Two Tutor Doves, is in edits and is slated for an October release.

Eric Thomasma - First children's book will be featured on KART Kids website, for 7 days starting Monday September 14.

Jenny Trout - The Girlfriend is out in Italy and is doing really well.

August 2015
Natalie Beversluis - Book's ready for beta readers!!

Andrea Dickinson - working on two non-fiction projects.

Patricia Kiyono - Working on final edits for re-release of The Partridge and the Peartree and completing a sequel.

July 2015
Christine Allen-Riley - Finalist in the Prism contest. Successful writer retreat. About halfway through with new story.

Natalie Beversluis - Working on a stand alone story and a novella for self publishing.

Elle Clouse - New release: Just Desserts Anthology as Libby Sinclair.

Patty Gordon - Still working on Christmas regency. Promoting sale on samurai book.

Peggy Hanchar - Book coming out July 15th, The Bastard Lord. Work on a second book for contract.

Lori LaPekes - New release soon, Christi Bell!

J.C. Hanks - Next set of chapters to beta readers for Jess Barker mystery series. New idea for a new romance. Need more time to write. Sold four books at GR Pride.

Kathryn Moore - Looking for screen writer for my soon-to-be published love story, Angel Beneath My Wheels.

Lisa Orchard - Done with chemo and I've started writing again.

Jenny Trout - Stuff is happening. New releases in Italy, France, Portugal, audiobooks, new release August 4th.

June 2015
Suzanne Graham - Republished the Gifts of Desire: Complete Series in print and ebook. Available on Amazon.

Patty Gordon - Searching for Lady Luck is a finalist in the RONE awards. Working on Christmas novella. Got rights back to Partridge and the Peartree.

Peggy Hanchar - Finished The Bastard Lord, waiting to get edits back. Started second book in a three book contract. Working on mysteries.

J.C. Hanks - Beta readers on next set of chapters. Met a cookbook fan by a fluke. Working on more books.

Barbara Strack - Posted five posts in personal blog. Land, my son, got married!

Jenny Trout - The Boss came out in Italy and is a bestseller.

May 2015
Christine Allen-Riley - Finished a new book. Getting ready to go to Austin for a conference. Working on YA.

Elisabeth Shonk - Four star review on Ind'tale.

Patty Gordon - Searching for Lady Luck needs votes for 2015 RONE, novella category. Failed at Spring NANO. Trying to decide on a WIP to finish.

J.C. Hanks - Attended Hackley Library Author Fair and sold six books, donate one to the library. Working on edits on the first three books in Jess Barlor series, building a street team.

Simone Anderson - Is attending GRL in October. Working on backstory, just getting back into writing.

Barbara Strack - Finally wrote another chapter of children's book.

Eric Thomasma - I was hosted on Braxton Cosby's website.

April 2015
Christine Allen-Riley - Continuing with high school writing workshops. Released a new Bronwyn Green book. Will be releasing another next month

Natalie Beversluis - Went to presentation by new local publisher Caffeinated Press and continued working on my novel. Another 1,000 down.

Jessica De La Rosa - Submitted novel to five agents.

Andrea Dickinson - Back to writing again. YAY!

Kim Frantz - Continue to work on writing project.

Patty Gordon - Searching for Lady Luck has been nominated for a 2015 RONE award! Preparing to write during our Spring Nano

Dan Knott - Continuing to work on edits for novel. Finishing up a couple items for submission to competition.

Lori LaPekes - Waiting for editing on my next book, "Christi Bell" sometime in May through Eskape Press.

Ken Norris - At Kent Library Writers Conference as a speaker. Publish travel story at Grand Rapids Press.

Lisa Orchard - Recovering from chemo. Three books in the Starlight Chronicles have been released.

Emily Siler - Still plugging away.

Tom Searl - Submitting to agents.

Eric Thomasma - Made more progress in 5th SEAMS16 novel. Starting flushing out concept for new, unrelated story.

Jenny Trout - Quoted in Entertainment Weekly, went to TNEE in Vegas, and will be speaking at KDL conference.

March 2015
Christine Allen-Riley - Wrote 52K since January 1st, opened an author services company, and edited 674K, narrowly escaping a nervous breakdown.

Elisabeth Shonk - New release January 16, 2015.

Kim Frantz - Working on current project (novel) and some poetry.

Kayla Gardner - Got my I Search paper done.

Patty Gordon - Participating in blog hops and FB parties to promote. Not much writing otherwise. Quarter page ad in In D Tale mag.

Peggy Hanchar - Sold three books.

JC Hanks - Waiting on beta readers feedback, updating ebook version of cookbook, and need to market more.

Barbara Strack - Continuing research: Quakers, underground RR, Illinois prairie - for middle grades historical fiction.

Dave Stricklen - I have a new knee.

Jenny Trout - Finished a book, started one I really like! Was quoted in the NYT.

Tyler Walburg - Looked into writing classes at GRCC.

Emily Siler - Back to work on writing, finally!

October 2014
Patricia Kiyono - Autumn's Kiss Anthology, including my short story "Autumn Vows", will release October 25. Christmas Journey a new Christmas novella, will release in November. EsKape Press is releasing two box sets this fall, and I will have a novella in each!

Eric B. Thomasma - been invited to be a guest speaker at an elementary school.

Jessica DeLaRosa - completed "Choices are Conditioned" a short story thriller for Writers Digest competition. Working on two more stories for other comps and continuing working on my novel.

Andrea Dickinson - building her freelance editing business.

Suzanne Graham - working on a new Texas novella - will be a guest author at 50 Shades of Romance Conference in Seattle, WA, Valentine's weekend.

Dave Stricklen - My 3rd book "The Heart of the Swarm" will be going to the printer next week.

Rose Nemecek - I had my manuscript revised today by someone in our group. The feedback was perfect!

Peggy Hanchar - Finishing first draft of Alaskan mystery - working on second mystery.

Andrew Rassi - Hoping to finish first draft of second book by year end. First book is being edited.

Chris Allen-Riley - Eventide, my YA, is releasing on October 20th, and I'm doing a blog tour for the book.

Bronwyn Green - working on a box set project.

Jenny Trout - will be on the Steve Harvey Show on Friday, October 17. In Grand Rapids, it will be on WOTV at 3 pm.

K. D. Norris - has set up a Writer's Reading Night at Cedar Springs' Alpha and Omega Coffee Shop November 8 fro 6 to 8 pm. (oh yeah, also did some writing and research)

Daniel Thomas - Got my Wattpad account opened "Daniel Thomas Books" and started a second novel.

September 2014
Patricia Kiyono - trying to complete Christmas story for submission this month.

Tammie DenBoer - completed my novel!

Chris Allen-Riley - releasing YA next month. Working on second in the series.

Bronwyn Green - working on two more stories. 

Jessica DeLaRosa - Three stories in progress to enter into short story competitions.

K. D. Norris -  spent summer full-time at On The Town Magazine; Sci-fi short story rejected by Asimov's magazine; progressing on Irish novel.

Suzanne Graham - writing a Texas novella to be published in an anthology later this year.

Andrea Dickinson -  growing her editing business. Visit her website at for more information.

August 2014
Patricia Kiyono - completed a yet untitled short story for a Sweet Romance Anthology to be published in October. Outlining a new Christmas story.

Tess Grant - five chapters left to go on first draft of current WIP.

Troy Christensen - released my debut novel Amish Johnson and the Pegasus Chamber.

Daniel Knott - finished first draft of first novel.

Kathryn Moore - praying for my first novel to get picked up by a publisher.

Tammie DenBoer - halfway done with my first draft of my novel.

JC Hanks - cookbook is up and available on Amazon. Beta readers are working on first book in Jess Barker series.

Member News - June 2014

Troy Christensen - First edits on my debut novel, Amish Johnson & Pegasus Chamber, finally arrived.

Temple Hogan - Have final book of Witches of Three series, working on another book.

Andrea Dickinson - Wooing new clients for freelance editing services

Suzanne Graham - Attending RomCon 2014 in Denver, CO and Co-chairing three reader appreciation workshops.

Jenny Trout - Just keeping' on, man.

Bronwyn Green - Finishing up NA project

Chris Allen-Riley - Working on second YA

Tammie Den Boer - No writing news

Marti O - Attending RNC in July. The Calico Heart is up for a RONE Novel of the Year Award for Best Contemporary Novel of 2014

Kayla Gardner - Graduated

JC Hanks - Waiting on proof copy from Amazon for Cookbook

K.S. Moore - Angel Beneath My Wheels is being sent out by my agent to 8-10 publishers next week.

Simone Anderson - Procrastinating badly, so no writing news.

Member News - May 2014

Wendy Gager -  Working on new series and a nonfiction collaboration

Patricia Kiyono - Attended Spring Fling in Chicago. Searching for Lady Luck was released from Eskape Press on April 29th. Working on promo as well as completing a sequel to Christmas Wishes. Calico Heart is a finalist in the RONE Awards.

Tess Grant - About halfway through WIP, still slogging away.

Chris Allen-Riley - Working on second YA

Bronwyn Green - Working on Arthurian NA. Attended Spring Fling

JC Hanks - Cookbook is "Almost" on Createspace, waiting for different format on the cover soon to be on Lulu. Working on 4 stories, plus now erotic romance to (hopefully) be co-authored with Andrea

Kayla Gardner - I graduate in three weeks. :)

Emily Siler  - No writing news

Scott Payne -  1/2 way into next novel

Jenny Trout - did an interview w/ about erotic fiction

Temple Hogan - Finishing last in Witches of Three Series

Simone Anderson - Changing Tides came out from Resplendence Publishing on April 23rd. Working on second Smuggler's Cove novel.

Member News - March 2014

Bronwyn Green -  Almost done with EE. Starting new project.

Chris Allen-Riley - Working on 2nd NW YA

Lisa Orchard  - Working on my coming of age novel and also working with Volunteer Nation on the "Books On Base" project.

JC Hanks -  Cookbook is published! Spiral bound version is done. Waiting on cover art for paperback is still in progress.

Ken Norris -  Finished chapter of Irish novel; rewrite sci-fi short story. Story in On-The-Town

Scott Payne -  First book A Corporal No More, now on Kindle and Nook. 30K words on new murder mystery.

Andrea Dickinson -  Back to blogging on GRRWG and editing Philadelphia Storm the sequel to Baltimore Heat

Suzanne Graham- Writing a new adult novella for upcoming anthology.

Jenny Trout -  Finally finished The Bride.

Temple Hogan -  Witches of Three - Philomena  is coming out!

Patty Kiyono  - Calico Heart has been nominated for a RONE award by InD'Tales. Friendship Star Quilt is in final edits. Searching for Lady Luck was accepted for Eskape Press Anthology.

Simone Anderson - Have a new day job and am writing again. Working on final edits for Changing Tides from Resplendence Publishing.

Emily Siler -  No writing news.

Member News - January 2014

Patty Kiyono - preparing historical novella for Eskape Press anthology. Christmas Wishes rose to #6 on holiday romance list on Amazon in December.

Cherry Chistiansen - My New Adult sweet romance book was accepted for publication by Eskape Press. It's called The Fearful Heart.

Troy Christiansen -  submitted my novel "Amish Johnson and the Pegasus Chamber" to Eskape Press. No word yet.

Peggy Hanchar - Sold 3 more books to R.P. 1st book completed.

Jenny Trout - Rich Green w/Resolution is repping the film rights for Such Sweet Sorrow which comes out in February from Entangled. I was asked to blog for the Huffington Post because of a body politics post I made. Things are going well.

JC Hanks - Cookbook is finished. Just waiting on cover art.

Chris Allen-Riley - I'm working on a new YA. An agent requested my current YA.

Bronwyn Green - I'm working on contracted books for RP. I was asked to speak at a local readers group and they'll be reviewing one of my books in February.

September 2013

Carissa Marks – Last meeting. I’m leaving.

Jenny Trout/Abigail Barnette -   The Boss  and The Girlfriend  are selling like proverbial hotcakes. I’m super happy.

Bronwyn Green – Working on contracted work.

Chris Allen-Riley – Working on new YA series.

Scott Payne -  Just house building.

Lori Lapekes – Just released The Cinnamon Girl, the sequel to The Gingerbread Boy.

Temple HoganWorking on Seraphine. Brainstorming some other stories.

Andrea Dickinson -  Facing revisions for Philadelphia Storm, the sequel to Baltimore Heat.

Suzanne Graham – Preparing my first self-pubbed novel for the end of this month titled, The Billionaire’s Pilot.

Kevin Peuler -  Working on editing my first book.

Simone Anderson – Writing again. Working on Changing Tides. Prepping for GRL in Atlanta.

Patricia Kiyono – Still plugging away at my Christmas Romance.

Lisa Orchard – Working on my coming of age  young adult novel. I’m really excited about it. :)

Emily Siler -  Working on some new stuff and planning a wedding!

JC Hanks – Perfecting 2 “LAST” recipes for cookbook. Planning on self-pubbing before end of year.

Jenn Straka – Computer problems all year. (ugh). Finally getting everything fixed. I’m still working on writing for examiner and my blog. I am working on being committed/involved to GRRWG blog/Group again. I hope to have my first rough draft for novel/screenplay done by 9/30/13 (to be published by end of year is my goal). And I want to see if I can shadow Steven Spielburg for 3 days while he works on one of his productions. I’ll keep you posted! :)

July 2013

Carissa Marks – 2 releases – one under CiCi Adams – Samaira Blair & the Secret in the Abby & Beastly under Carissa Marks. I’m attending Thundercon on 20th and 21st.

Andrea Dickinson -  Designed her first cover for a computer programming book. Working on Philadelphia Storm, the sequel to Baltimore Heat.

Suzanne Graham – submitting workshop proposals for RT 2014 in NOLA and ROMCON 2014 in Colorado

Chris Allen-Riley – Had a fabulous writing retreat. Worked on next YA book.

Bronwyn Green – About half-way through Gypsy Wolf.

Patricia KiyonoThe Legacy is one of the Astraea Press Book Club picks for July. Readers can get a free copy by going to the book club Facebook page! New summer regency is scheduled for release on July 23rd. Working on Christmas book and samurai sequel.

Emily Siler -  I got a lot done on my writing retreat, but not a lot since.

Ken Norris – Spending the summer writing Arts & Entertainment for MLive, On-The-Town, and GR Press (go and search K.D. Norris). Still plugging away on two creative writing projects.

Lisa Orchard – The third Super Spies book was released in May! It’s titled The Super Spies and the Pied Piper. All three Super Spies books are on the best-sellers list in the teen spy category. I’m working on a coming-of-age young adult novel.

Stephanie Michels – will be a surprise guest for a book club that is reading The Calico Heart. Sold another book to Resplendence Publishing – The Gypsy’s Daughter, which is a historical romance set in the Slovakia area of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire in the days just prior to the 1848 Revolution.

Scott Payne -  Writing is on hold as we select lights, drawer pulls, flooring, roofing for our new house.

Anna Layer – Submitted a short story for Flash Fiction contest. Working on quick books “Love Story” submission.

Jenny Trout -   Wrote 27k on retreat! The Boss will release as an e-book on July 15th, print to follow.

Temple HoganFinished Deadheading – ready to send off. Ellora’s Cave is coming out with a hardback with Dirty Little Secrets.

Simone Anderson – Writing again. Working on Changing Tides and Worth Fighting For. Survived vacation with 6 kids, 3 adults, 1 van and 2500 miles.

JC Hanks – Photoshoot for food is done! Now to finish formatting.

Mia Watts -  Working on a Katie Blu release for Total-E-Bound. Added a little under 10K to four different books for 3 different publishers.

June 2013

Carissa Marks – Kids book coming out mid-month

Brynn Paulin -  Finally finished book I’ve been working on for five months! Working on next Daly Way Book and next North Springs Book.

Chris Allen-Riley – Working on next YA book.

Bronwyn Green – Working on Gypsy Wolf and next Witch Way book.

Jenny Trout -   The Boss has passed 150k views!

Ginny Hebert -  Not much news. I have no release date. Working with a new editor.

Kevin Peuler – Edited 70 pages of my first book.

JC Hanks – Still working on Cookbook.

Scott Payne -  Working (10,000 words) on senior detective novel

Mary Timmer – Formatting a book – need help (in a lot of ways J)

Temple HoganWorking on new project

Sidney Ayers – 85K – Almost done! Yay!

Simone Anderson – Working on Changing Tides and Splintered Heart! Received cover for Splintered Heart! Going to Detroit Pride with MI LGBT Authors.

May 2013

Jenny Trout – Turned in Such Sweet Sorrow  to Entangled Teen. The Boss has reached 100K hits. Next step is going forward

Emily Siler Finally making some headway on my book. I hope to have it ready to submit soon.

Ken Norris – Making inroads into local Arts and Entertainment writing with “On-The-Town”. Ready to start marketing “Mostly True Stories”. Start story collection.

Anna Layer – Finished 3000 words. Looking for more time.

Wendy Gager -  Writing on new project. Working on marketing “A Case of Volatile Deeds”

Peggy Hancher – Finished The Laird’s Daughter and am resting

Mia Watts – New job, Yeah! I didn’t kill anyone this month despite much provocation. Sheik Down is a bestseller!

Ginny Hebert – I finished my first edits and after my next set, should have my novel released on May 28th. (Fingers crossed since I’ve had some delays!)

Kevin Parker – Started re-writing my first book.

Chris Allen-Riley – Got three full requests from publishers for my YA. Started new YA.

Bronwyn Green – Vengeful Shadows came out on May 1st. I’m working on Gypsy Wolf.

Simone Anderson – Working on Changing Tides for RP.  Had a blast at RT.

April 2013

Jenny Trout -   Finished The Boss, still posting weekly. Working on Such Sweet Sorrow, re-released short story Sex, Lies, and Inventions. Got a 4-star review on Silent Surrender  from “Romantic Times”

Mia Watts -  Release a new book last week. Got a “real life” job starting Monday. Not moving to Texas now. J

Stephanie Michels -  Trouble in Paradys  sold and is coming out May 22. Desert Heat, Hart & Sole (Sole Music), and Cruising for Love coming out July, October, and Jan (’14).

Temple HoganFinished The Laird’s Daughter and sent it off to my editor. Working on next project.

Scott Payne -  1st book has been accepted by a publisher. I’m about 1/3 in the 2nd novel.

Kevin Peuler -  Finished outline of my second book.

Lori Lapekes -  New book is coming out in May  - The Gingerbread Boy – a love story between an MSU vet student and a musician.

Chris Allen-Riley – Working on next YA. Waiting to hear on agent requests.

Bronwyn GreenVengeful Shadows comes out April 24th. Working on Gypsy Wolf.

Brynn Paulin -  Working on Love Notes, Finding Francesca, Cornered, Scruff and Ready – while both kids are learning to drive.

Mary Timmer – Repurposing old article.

Andrea Dickinson -  Releasing Philadelphia Storm second week of May; attending RT in Kansas City.

Suzanne Graham – will be signing books at RT in Kansas City.

Anna McMillan – Writing, writing, writing.

Joselyn Vaughn -  Climbing Heartbreak Hill comes out in May. I’m almost finished with my current WIP, which is as yet unnamed.

Wendy Gager -  All belongings under new roof. Working on a new project – 5 book series.

Simone Anderson – Working on Changing Tides. Will be signing books at RT in Kansas City.

Emily Siler -  Still plugging away.

JC Hanks – Still working cookbook, scheduling photoshoot.

Kayla Gardner – Still working on my poetry…entered another poetry contest.

February 2013

Peggy Hanchar -  Got a new computer – working on The Country Wife. The Reluctant Bride is out.

Mia Watts -  Invited to write a special book for ARe and still on task with two NY books. SQUEE!!!

Chris Allen-Riley – Querying  agents for my YA, four requests so far.

Bronwyn Green – Working on contracted novels

Jenny Trout – My serialized novel written as Abigail Barnette, The Boss, has gotten 17K views. The Pirate, The Bride, and The Jewel of the Skies came out from Resplendence Publishing. Such Sweet Sorrow sold to Entangled teen for a tentative 2014 release.

Scott Payne -  No real work because of an injury to my wife.

Duke -  Finished writing most of my first novel.

JC Hanks – Cookbook is mapped out, author accounts is setup, working on teut proposal doc on spec

Andrea Dickinson – Working on the sequel to Baltimore Heat, which will be released May 1.

Suzanne Graham – Currently working on new projects with two co-authors.

W.S. GagerA Case of Volatile Deeds, the 4th Mitch Malone Mystery released February 4th. Starting a new series.

Patricia Kiyono – The Calico Heart (co-written with Stephanie Michels) was released January 9th. Sales and reviews have been good. The Samurai’s Garden (released in November) has sold enough copies that Astraea Press has agreed to put it in print!

Simone Anderson – Received paperback copies of As We Like It , the Shakespeare Anthology from Resplendence Publishing with Brynn Paulin and Dakota Rebel. Working on Changing Tides, due out in March from Resplendence Publishing.

January 2013

Peggy Hanchar – Finished The Reluctant Bride, which will be out on January 23rd. Currently working on The Country Wife.

Jennifer Armintrout – My free erotic romance serial The Boss is going to release chapter by chapter on my blog starting January 15th. My Abigail Barnett release Silent Surrender
comes out on January 14th.

Marti OcilkaThe Calico Heart was released on January 10th. This is the novel co-written with Patty Gordon and released by Astraea Press. Yeah!

Ginny Hebert – I’m waiting to hear from Astraea Press for acceptance of my novel. Fingers crossed.

JC Hanks – Working on a cookbook to be self-pubbed at the request of family and friends and have 20 pre-ordered already. Sent out 3 query letters on a different book.

Duke Jackson – Finished editing all of Diary of a Dead Man, battling between writing and stitching.

Mia Watts– Release last month at EC, release next month w/ RP. Agent book x2. Still writing.

Patty Kiyono -  The Calico Heart released on January 10th. Doing promo for The Samurai’s Garden and The Calico Heart. Working on sequel to The Samurai’s Garden.

Scott Payne – Working on second novel, waiting w/ increasing impatience from a publisher who’s deliberating about the 1st novel.

Mary Timmer – Here! Finished editing middle grade novel.

Andrea Dickinson – My talent CP helped untwise me, so my plot is now going in a straight line.

Suzanne Graham – Revise and resubmit request from new-to-me publisher.

Emily Siler – Finally back to work after taking time off for the holidays. Hope to have more news by the next meeting.

Lisa Orchard -  Hit the Amazon Bestseller List with The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer, it went all the way to #2. Whoo Hoo!

Lori Lapekes –For A Short Time hit the bestseller list in early December! Secrets of Catalpa Hall is out in paperback. My newest book The Gingerbread Boy should be released in early May.

Chris Allen-Riley – Subbing my YA to agents

Bronwyn Green – Working on contracted books. Prepping for the RT convention.

Simone Anderson – Working on Changing Tides for RP and enjoying not being in school.

December 2012 - Holiday Party

November 2012

Marti Ocilka  - Pitched a series to Astrea Press with Patty and they want to see it.  Our deadline is  11/15.
Brynn Paulin - Subbed a new book to Ellora's Cave.  New print book out.  Participating in NANO.
Simone Anderson - Solar Storm - Bissari Confederation #2 - will be released on Nov. 14 with Resplendence Publishing.  Had fun at GRL and Ready, Set, Write Conferences. Participating in NANO.
Jenn Straka - Computer is currently broken, but as soon as it is up and going, I am still working on, writing on my blog to help get my name in the writing world, and I am submitting my first story to Astrea by Thanksgiving.  If they like my style of writing, they will accept three of my other stories as well as help me publish my movie scripts.  (dream finally coming true)      = )
Peggy Hanchar - Finished the last of A Season of Witches trilogy.  Started the 1st in my trilogy, Scottish Love Songs.  The first book is The Reluctant Bride.
Jennifer Armintrout/Abigail Barnette - Work for hire project is going well.  Got a release date for Silent Surrender from Ellora's Cave.
Chris Allen-Riley - Wrote over 15K on my YA, started my YA blog and twitter.
Sidney Ayers - Almost finished with my book.  Busy with my new full-time job.
Arianna Skye - Found out Wings of Desire was featured on a Romantic Times quiz for self-published titles.  Lots of story ideas for novellas while driving to work every morning.
JC Hanks - 40K written on 4 different books, just busy.
Duke Jackson - Finished book, History of a Dead Man, and 20K written words this month! 
Suzanne Graham - Was asked to submit to a new erotica publisher.  Submitted a full manuscript based on a pitch request to Ellora's Cave.

September 2012
Mary Timmer - Almost done with WIP.
JC Hanks - had my contract  work extended after they decided to go in another direction.
Peggy Hanchar - Finished 2nd witch story and am working on 3rd witch book.
Simone Anderson - Bond Mates came out in August from Resplendence Publishing.  Writing again.  Going to RomLit in Albuquerque, NM.
Emily Siler - Not much going on in terms of writing at this point.  Going to try to change that by next month.
Sidney Ayers - Still working on Demon to Die For.  81K so far.  Had a book signing Labor Day weekend at a local store.  Will be at Schuler Books in Lansing on September  24th.  Started a new job in Holland.  Great brainstorming time while commuting.
Arianne Skye - Not much on this front.
Jennifer Armintrout - Won two bookie awards (LGBT novel of the year/steampunk short story of the year), have been doing a lot of press interviews about 50 Shades of Grey, sent a proposal for a book to Entangled Press.

August 2012

Scott Payne – sending manuscript to a publisher
Brynn Paulin – new book out last week with Ellora's Cave; new book out out next week with Resplendence. Gearing up for vacation and "research."
Kirsti Jones – steady progress on my current WIP
Marti Ocilka – blogged and survived family visits/vacations! LOL!! Finished presentations for gRRWG and work.
JC Hanks – another writing contract for a software company's marketing campaign.

July 2012

Valerie Wilkes – Jen is my mentor and is working with me on my book!
Barb Katt – on a break – working on Art Fair items
Willow James – returned to group after a year hiatus.
Jennifer Armintrout – asked to participate in 50 writers on 50 Shades of Gray essay collection. Work for hire project out with pulishers. Abigail Barnette book Double Header released in June.
Bronwyn Green – Getting ready for the Authors After Dark conference in NOLA. Working hard on several different projects.
Scott Payne – Fireship Press accepted first three chapters and has asked for an expanded manuscript.
Tess Grant – doing galley read-through for Gathering Speed, writing Flying in the Dark, beginning work on a new YA, trying to sell Second Chances, getting ready for mini book tour.
JC Hanks – survived the family visit, re-writing Merie story after a brainstorm, still trying to finish edits on Jess' series. Still looking for an agent.
Anna Layer – 75K into my first book and happy to be writing every day, thinking of returning to the blog world.
Cheryl Sterling – Moving to Hawaii in August! I'll miss you guys, but I'll be a long distance member. I'll have a couch ready for visitors! Writing-wise, I started a short story and self-published a dark fantasy, The Spell Breaker, available on Amazon.
Brynn Paulin – Book coming out 7/27. Two books out last month. Getting ready for a vacation!! Special Force has been #1 at All Romance Ebooks for two months now.
Simone Anderson – writing. Line of Fire came out from Resplendence Publishing in May.
Ginny Hebert – I'm heading to Paris to "research" a new book.
Patty Kiyono – I'm going to Paris with Ginny, and hoping inspiration will hit. Working on a Christmas novella.

May 2012

Bronwyn Green - The second book in my Witch Way series came out this month. Had four successful pitches at RT and I'm hard at work on my YA novel.
Brynn Paulin - had a book release. Wrote and completed three books. Had a great time at RT and they've asked us to do our panel again.
Temple Hogan – Had a new release, The Pirate Prince. Hard at work on the next book, Dark Surrender.
JC Hanks – heard back from the Daphne DuMaurier Contest. Not a finalist, but got really good feedback and an email address from one of the judges to ask questions. J
Mary Timmer – 32K for the month.
Andrea Dickinson – Baltimore Heat is now available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Suzanne Graham – Anna and the Three Generals releasing May 16.
Scott Payne – Converting a 23 chapter novel to 53 to 56 chapters.
Emily Siler – still editing.
Simone Anderson – finished Line of Fire, which is coming out from RP next week, 5/16/12.
Sidney Ayers – still putting finishing touches on 3rd Demons Unleashed series. I will be attending Lori Foster's Reader and Author get together in June. Also got contacted by a local magazine to feature my book.
Arianna Skye – finalized copy of 2nd Fey Chronicles series. Getting good feedback and reviews for Wings of Desire. I should be getting a review in RT Magazine. I am getting my first royalties from vendors. Doing very well in sales.
Jennifer Armintrout – asked to be the keynote for Heart of LA chapter of RWA. Work going well.
Mia Watts – Story into print "Moreover" stories into print as antho Balls to the Wall. Trinity releases as Katie Blu May 30th, By the Balls releasing as Mia June 13th.
Patty Gordon/Patricia Kiyono – still editing The Samurai's Garden and Sunlight and Shadows. Started a new project for the Astraea Press Christmas anthology.

April 2012

Jennifer Armintrout/Abigail Barnette – Wolf's Honor released from Resplendence, Long Relief released from Resplendence. I signed a contract for a work-for-hire project and won an award from Coffee Time Romance.

Joselyn Vaughn – got the edits for The Warden's Lantern. Just waiting for galleys and the cover art. Oh and a release date!

Wendy Gager – trying to finish book 4, A Case of Volatile Deeds. Have appearances in Jackson next week and in May. Had an article published in Mystery Writer's Anthology with many famous authors.

Simone Anderson – working on WIPs, signed up for GRL in October.

JC Hanks – Another round of editing on The Reluctant Psychic. Added more to The Chosen and It's a Fey Life series. Submitted a short story to Chicken Soup.

Emily Siler – Got 2K done on a new project. Got some editing done on an old project.

Tess Grant – Waiting on edits for Gathering Speed. Writing Flying in the Dark.

Patty Gordon/Patricia Kiyono – have a story coming on in May in a new Chicken Soup book. Still plugging away at editing samurai story and Nano project.

March 2012

Temple Hogan – WIP A Pirate's Kiss. Editing The Pirate Prince. Have a new trilogy paperback.

Jennifer Armintrout – finished NaNo with 41K. Finished Long Relief, finished a short story for an anthology, started work and nearly finished Wolf's House.

Emily Siler – Getting back to writing. Not much else.

Bronwyn Green – working on YA and two erotic romances.

Brynn Paulin – working on a short for Resplendence and a novella for Ellora's Cave.

Andrea Dickinson – finished the NaNo challenge, and sold Baltimore Heat  to Resplendence Publishing to be released April 25, and became an Avon Addict.

Suzanne Graham – sold a three book trilogy to Resplendence Publishing on proposal, book one – Anna and the Three Generals will be released May 23.

Lisa Orchard – My young adult novel, The Super Spies and the Cat Lady Killer, is being released on Tuesday March 24 from Astraea Press. It will be available on Amazon and B&N as well.

JC Hanks – completed freelance project, submitting TRP to contest, submitted short story, found a new job!

Sidney Ayers – still working on Book 3 of Demon series.

Arianna Skye – re-released Wings of Desire for ebook and print. Getting good reviews.

Patty Kiyono – completed NaNo! Editing samurai story. Doing lots of promo for Aegean Intrigue.

W. S. Gager – Finalized sale of A Case of Volatile Deeds, the fourth in the Mitch Malone series. The book will be out in the fall.

Tess Grant – Trajectories to be released March 25. Gathering Speed sent to the editor, working on setting Second Chances and writing Flying in the Dark. Sold another story to Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Joselyn Vaughn – got a contract for a short story Warden's Lantern, from Astraea Press. Working on a novel, Heartbreak Hill.

Sharon Hayward – blogging at Pen and Plow and monthly at the GRRWG blog, working on edits for Talking to Strangers.

Lori Lapekes – starting edits for Secrets of Catalpa Hall for Astraea Press. Working on a YA novel.

February 2012

Marti Ocilka – researched and outlined my NANO project and finished GRRWG audit. Yeah!

Brynn Paulin – Two new books out, working on new book (2K in)

Bronwyn Green – working on two books.

Jennifer Armintrout – took an interview for a work for hire project that sounds amazing. Had a book, Beast, come out under my pen name, Abigail Barnette.

Simone Anderson – Uniform Desires, part of His Hero Anthology from TEB came out in January and A Christmas to Remember came out in December, also from TEB.

Gretchen Jones – outlining a new mystery, and free writing.

Diane Kniowski – wrote four more chapter. Started to build a website. Currently writing content and shooting videos for the website.

Lisa Orchard – My YA novel is coming out next month and I've completed my second novel and I'm getting it ready for submission.

Cheryl Sterling – Began plotting Night Harvest trilogy. Still writing zombie stories. Transferred all "bits and pieces" of writing info onto my computer.

Mary Timmer – plotted my NANO, finished three web pages and a fundraising letter.

Peggy Hanchar – working on latest pirate book

Sidney Ayers – w/a Arianna Skye – got new cover and edits completed for re-release of Wings of Desire.  w/a Sidney Ayers – plugging away at third book in Demons Unleashed series.

Patty Kiyono – Aegean Intrigue was released on February 1. Writing as Patricia Gordon, has a story appearing in Chicken Soup for the Soul: the Magic of Mothers and Daughters, to be released March 13.

January 2012

Terri Doezema – completed Christmas story with the encouragement of Tanya's writer's challenge It's been posted on my blog. Brought a guest today, Kathryn Postema.

Andrea Dickinson – excited to get back to writing full time. Recently submitted Baltimore Heat to publisher and waiting to hear.

Mia Watts – have two books out this week, six next month.

Marti Ocilka – made three of five goals. Yeah!

Cheryl Sterling – Tall, Dark and Slayer released January 2nd.

Peggy Hanchar – working on next WIP, The Black Prince, which will be out in February.

Jenn Straka – working on writing more in and on a regular basis. I continue working on my screenplays and novel, and I'm working on getting  a publisher.

Mary Timmer – finishing an article due this week.

Scott Payne – completed manuscript of novel Corporal No More.

Wendy Gager – fourth Mitch Malone mystery manuscript due in March for summer release.

Joselyn Vaughn – working on a short story – Warden's Light.

Bronwyn Green – working on historical, paranormal, and young adult novels.

Brynn Paulin – working on next Taboo Wishes book. Have a book out Wednesday, January 18.

Simone Anderson – have two books out in January and one in February. Writing, studying, and getting back into the groove of things.

JC Hanks – submitted The Reluctant Psychic to two agents. Renamed one character in the Jess Barker series. Editing The Fey Life series first book, working on second book in Jess series.

Patty Kiyono – Aegean Intrigue has made it through content edits and major revisions. Hoping for a release sometime this month.

Jamie Chester - I have 2 children's books being published through 2 Moon Press this year.  The first one should be ready to sell next month. The title is Sammy and His Lucky Hat.  The second one is Sammy and the Bouncy Ball Race and should be released in spring.

December 2011

Simone Anderson - Midsummer's Dreaming and All He Needed are now available. A Christmas to Remember comes out 12/12/11.

Sidney Ayers - Demons Like it Hot was released on December 1st. Got a 5 book review from LASA. Wrote revision of rights letter but accidentally mailed it with one of the books I sent out for a contest.

Cheryl Sterling - Received cover and final pdf for Tall, Dark and Slayer for January 2 release. Bought an ipad!

Patty Kiyono - The Christmas Phoenix was released at Astraea Press on Black Friday. Busy with promo!

Mary Timmer - restringing my middle-grade novel

Scott Payne - finishing final chapters of my Civil War novel and doing PR for my church's concert series.

Tanya Eby has solved the meaning of life, then forgot because she didn't write it down.

Cassie Schultz - working on my memoir, but not as much as I'd like to :(

JC Hanks - rewriting/editing The Reluctant Psychic, adding to The Scot, editing It's a Fey Life, and adding to the Merle series, plus now sewing machines and too much craft stuff.

Andrea Dickinson - finishing teaching this semester and excited to get back to writing.

Jennifer Armintrout - stuff is happening.

Bronwyn Green - Two for the Shrew released 11/23 and Unexpected Gifts comes out 12/17. Working on several other books.

Brynn Paulin - Romero and Julian out at the end of November, Chance of Snow first week of December, Shifting Shows out next week. Working on three contracts for Ellora's Cave.

Marti Ocilka - working on Sole Music and trying to get into the swing of working (part time) again and not getting too burned out to write.

Terri Doezema - started researching and writing my first novel. I also started my blog.

Emily Siler - started a new project but mostly working on getting Christmas stuff finished.

Mia Watts - two new books released last week, one with a new publisher. Siren has real time sales. Another release with Simone is coming out next month.