GRRWG Challenges

Part fundraiser and part motivation, the idea between ROAR Into Writing is to FINISH at least one book in a year. Well, technically, it’s 11 months. Starting with the first of the year in January, it runs until Midnight on November 30th.

Who: All members of GRRWG

The Rules:
+ Each member may enter as many titles as they want
+ Each title costs $5
+ Each book must be a minimum of 20,000 words
+The last full page or page and a half is due to Chris Allen-Riley by midnight on November 30th via email – the link to the publisher’s website is a suitable substitute.
+ All titles and money are due by midnight on June 30th.

What You get:
+Sense of accomplishment
+A chance at winning half of the total money raised when a name is drawn at the Holiday party in December. (Each title finished counts as one chance to win the pot).

Oh yeah, and :
+ A FINISHED Novel that can be polished and submitted for publication

To join the fun:

Email titles to Chris Allen-Riley ( give the money to the treasurer (Diana Lloyd) before the June 30 deadline.

Winter Nano

Most of us have heard of the grueling challenge of the National Novel Writing Month. Writing 50K in a month is tough on its own, but in a month when many of us are in a mad dash to get ready for the holiday season, it's nearly impossible. That's why GRRWG created a more sensible version that runs from our February meeting (2/10/18) to our March meeting (3/10/18) with a goal of 20,000 words.

Who: Winter Nano is open to all GRRWG members


+The entry fee is $5, which is due at the February meeting.

+At the end of the contest, participants must pay $1 for every 1,000 words they are short of the 20K goal, up to, but not exceeding, $10.

In addition to the accomplishment of writing 20,000 words, all participants who meet the word goal are in the drawing to win half the "pot". The more people who take part, the bigger the prize!

For writing inspiration and a word count calendar, here's a link to the handout given out during February 2019's meeting: