Friday, February 16, 2018

Research vs. Writing - The Inner Battle

I have two book series that require a lot of research. Lately, I've been focusing more on research in lieu of writing and am struggling to get back on track with both. The research for the series is vastly different, the happier research involves the various world religions, the other deals with a particularly evil time in recent history. Both affect me differently, both in my desire to dig deeper and in my need to write.

The religious research is so interesting I tend to lose track of time. The topic is fascinating, I'm learning quit a bit and finding each religion has pieces I enjoy and others I despise. Yet I want to learn more and not stop to write.

World War II, in particular Hitler and his inner circle is equally fascinating. It is sad, morbid, and at times deeply disturbing as I can parallels with today's society and the German situation as Hitler grabbed more and more power. Mengele's experimentation is the most disturbing, yet I need to understand him a bit better as I need to understand his methodology in order to make a part of my story line work.

It is hard to force myself to write after doing research, as my drastically affects my writing. I didn't plan on becoming a writer or author, my original career choice was to be a Veterinarian. I'm a long way from that now, with a day job that eats up  60+ hours a week (don't get me started). My characters found me and insisted I begin writing their stories.

I'm trying an experiment over the next month. For every hour of research I do, I have to write at least 100 words on any of my books. They don't have to be good words, it doesn't have to be "gold", I simply need to get some words on the page. I'm hoping that will help jump start my writing output.

What do you do to get your writing mojo back?


Elizabeth Meyette said...

I ran into the same situation when I was researching my first book. What worked for me was reading other's books in my genre. My writing became less academic and more narrative. Your schedule is already packed, but even 10 minutes before you go to sleep could nudge you from researcher back to writer. Wishing you all best!

Patricia Kiyono said...

I'm struggling with the same issue. I'm writing historical romance, but I'm not particularly well versed in the customs or social issues of the time period. Every time I start writing I run into the question "Could this have happened?" and then I'm stuck trying to find out. I've had to step back from writing and get immersed in the time period. Elizabeth had a great suggestion - read other books in that genre. I also like to watch movies set during that time period. Good luck!