Friday, January 15, 2016

New Release: Deadlocked by Libby Sinclair

New Release:  Deadlocked

GRRWG member Libby Sinclair celebrates the release of her first novella, Deadlocked, a sci-fi erotic romance.  

BLURB: Brielle Connors, former officer for the elite bounty hunters the Cavalier Security Corp, is on a mission. To get her job back and make her old boss and ex-boyfriend look like a fool. After weeks of research and leg work, she finally discovers the holy grail of bounties and sets out to reel it in. Only, the alien Tulan bounty hunter, Finn Strydom, beats her to it. Rushing to the payload and bickering all the way, the two find themselves stranded on an abandoned ship with no hope of rescue. A last minute confession leads to a hot close encounter as the two face death.

Deadlocked is available for $.99 until the end of January.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ringing in the past and not the New Year in 2016.
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Happy New Year’s everyone!

The first of the year is usually associated with new beings, new goals, and a new wave of inspiration. I realized I am stating the obvious, but why don’t we say I’ve grown, changed, or have more experience and wisdom.

What about revisiting a past failure, or a forgotten dream, how about that unfinished novel, and try to fix it.

Towards the end of the year, I laid another heavy enormous stone on the foundation of my writing career, stop writing on my first novel and threw it to the side. My frustrations with Murphy and his stupid laws who no doubt conspired with Father Time in a lack of no time, anger at my own weaknesses in my craft, all seemed to add to the burden of carrying the heavy stone on my back.

The truth, I needed to start fresh.  I set the stone that was my novel down next to the other stones, relieving my body and mind of an emotional roller coaster. Then I climbed back down the large steps of the uncompleted pyramid which is a reflection of my writing, and started gathering the tools, clay and mortar to create a new book.

Many of you might take this as a failure, it is not. The novella I completed gave me additional tools I didn’t have before. In 2015 I found more knowledge to prefect my craft, and so instead of saying I am going to start the “New Year right” with, a new positive outlook, new goals or new novel. 

I am going back to my past novel, or failed goal and take what I’ve learned from 2015 and start sculpting by applying my recent experiences and wisdom to see if I can finish my novel in 2016. If it doesn't get completed, that’s OK too, I can do a lot of growing in a year.

My challenge to you, take what you learn in 2015 and go back to a past failure, goal, task or even a relationship and see if you can fix the problem or get a different result. You might be surprised, at the amount of growing you did throughout the year.

Ringing the past, Electra Gajdos.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

by Patricia Kiyono

It's January 1 and most of us are contemplating how 2016 will be different (hopefully better) than 2015. I have no complaints about this past year - I've been blessed with good health, and I'm still surrounded by family and good friends. We aren't in any financial trouble, and I'm still managing to sell books (not a whole lot, but enough to keep me motivated).

The problem is, writing started to become more difficult for me. I'd set aside time to write and end up staring at the screen until I found something else to do (writing promo posts, creating memes, even cleaning drawers!).  A few weeks before Thanksgiving I noticed I was way behind on my Goodreads reading challenge of 50 books and decided to give up on the writing and concentrate on reading. Somehow I managed to read 20 books in 6 weeks and completed the challenge.

I realized a few things while taking my extended vacation from writing. First, my holiday stress level decreased once I gave myself permission to take writing off my daily "to do" list. Less stress, especially at Christmas time, is always a good thing.

Second, once I devoted more time to reading, I discovered lots of new-to-me authors. Some are are good, and some have potential. I confirmed my belief that I've done the right thing (for me) by going through a publisher who retains excellent editors and talented cover artists. And there's a camaraderie between authors who write for the same publisher, so I have another group of professionals with whom I can brainstorm, problem-solve, and commiserate.

Third, I discovered that reading opened up creative channels in my mind. I'd read a scene and think, "That works, but I think I would have done it this way." Or sometimes I'd wonder if my plots were as simplistic and uneventful as some I read.

Last, and most important, I found I enjoy supporting my fellow authors by reading their work - especially when I write reviews! We're always asking people to read and review for us, so it only makes sense that we should do so too.

So in addition to maintaining my TBR list, I'm resolving to leaving a review (usually on Goodreads, since that extremely large online book outlet tends to delete reviews written by authors in the same genre) for each of the 50 books I plan to read this year.

How about you!