Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Spinning My Wheels

by Patricia Kiyono

Normally, I’m up for a challenge. And since Astraea Press first published my novella in July 2011, I’ve been cranking out and publishing an average of three books per year. Winter NaNo? No problem. Roar Into Writing? I’m there. One hour writing sprints? Easy. The stories seemed to flow from my mind through my fingers to the keyboard.

But this year things have really slowed down. The book that was supposed to be submitted last December is still languishing on my hard drive, about 75 percent done. I’ve missed several writing deadlines this year. The only writing commitment I’ve consistently met (other than guest posts at my personal blog) has been my weekly Monday appearance at Four Foxes, One Hound.

At first I was just irritated at myself. I needed peace and quiet, I told my family. I need more time, and I need to keep up on my school work. But then the school semester was over and I had no more papers to grade. And the words still didn’t come. I got headphones and ignored my hubby. Nothing. I stopped watching television and shut off the internet for hours at a time. That did seem to help, but I’d still only gain a few hundred words rather than the 1500 I’d usually get during an hour sprint.

What to do? My daughter finally said, “Mom, maybe you just need a break. Forget about trying to force the words out and concentrate on something else. You’ve got plenty of hobbies. Sew a quilt. Catch up on your scrapbook. Crochet an afghan.”

I decided I had nothing to lose. So I closed my laptop and started sewing. And scrapbooking. And crocheting. I’m using up a ton of fabric in the house. Well, maybe not a ton, but an awful lot. And I’m nearly caught up on my scrapbook. The afghan I started four years ago is still in its bag, but if the words don’t come soon I’ll take it out. I haven’t forgotten about the story I’ve been trying to write. But maybe it’s not time to finish it yet. But when the time comes, at least I’ll have a more organized craft room!  

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