Monday, June 1, 2015

More Great News!

by Patricia Kiyono

Last month I mentioned that my novella Searching for Lady Luck had been nominated for a RONE award in the novella category and asked for votes. Last week I found out that thanks to everyone’s votes the book has made it to the final round! I also found out that I made the cut by ONE VOTE! I am so grateful to everyone who voted. 

I know it’s difficult to support every single author and whatever marketing promotion they have. I belong to two face-to-face author groups and several online groups, so each day I receive dozens of requests to visit blogs, support Thunderclap campaigns, retweet this promo tweet, or vote for someone’s cover or book. I try to accommodate most, but it’s impossible to keep up with ALL requests AND keep up with my own writing. So how do you strike a balance?

For me, it’s a matter of what else I have going, how much time I have, and how well I know the author who’s asking. If it’s someone I’ve met I’m much more likely to visit, comment, vote, and retweet. If I’m on a deadline and I happen to run across the request while I’m searching for a specific link or piece of information, I might not. If the request comes in an email and I think I MIGHT get back to it, I’ll flag the email so I’ll be able to find it later. If it’s on Facebook and I have some time to kill…you get the idea. So if you’ve asked me for support in the past and I didn’t come through – I apologize! Marketing is tough today when there are so many authors wanting you to read, review, and endorse their books. You want to help them so that they’ll hopefully help you someday. But you have a life, and you can’t be online all the time – especially now that the weather is nice! So do what you can, and don’t stress the rest. 

But if you’re one of those lovely 27 people who voted for Searching for Lady Luck, I definitely appreciate you!

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