Friday, January 16, 2015

New Year, New Stories and Back To The Future II

We're in 2015. Everyone's been saying "Where's my Hoverboard?". I on the other hand, what to know where my "Mr. Fusion" is and if it could handle critter waste as I have lots of critters at my house. That flying car concept would be really cool too, especially if I could travel over 100 mph.

Most of the home controls have been created already, like "lights on", with the exception of the re-hydrator device. How awesome would that be? Microwaves are no longer fast enough for me, a few seconds for a pizza would be heaven. Luckily kids aren't wearing their clothes inside out - yet.

Weather control is still far off on the horizon, I don't think we'll ever be able to control Mother Nature. In the depths of winter I do daydream about being able to scatter the gloomy clouds and bring the sun out. California would probably greatly appreciate being able to control when and how much it rains as well. Especially if they can program good soakings over the Central Valley where the farms are.

Stories that involve the future often predict some really cool things, perhaps because it excites some scientific young mind enough to work hard on creating a much wanted new technology. These kinds of stories tend to be a muse to other creative types.

Why am I rambling about SciFi books/movies being muses for other creative types? Well, because I seem to have inadvertently stumbled across a new muse myself. A dear friend of mine is not only an amazing IT pro, he also happens to be an amazing artistic photographer with a unique eye. It was one of his photos that inspired my 2014 NaNoWriMo project.

The photo struck me as being perfect for a book cover, I'd even remarked on Facebook that it would make a great book cover and perhaps I could figure out a story to go along with it. Less than 2 minutes later, my Coven Sisters characters had given me the story idea.

Last month I had started mapping out my writing plans for this year. On target were my edits for The Reluctant Psychic and finding a professional editor while I send out more agent letters. In between the letters and editor searching, I had mapped out another month to work on edits for the second book in the Jess Barker series, while fixing timeline and relationship mixups in the third book. Another month was reserved for working on the first book in The Scot series, one for editing my Fey Life series, and more research for my Chosen series.

All that got tossed in the air today when I saw a new photo shoot from that same friend. The second I saw the perfect book cover photo I had a story idea and the Coven Sisters firmly let me know that this is their story and there will be an entire series of books based on his photos. Silly characters having minds of their own, they've thoroughly destroyed my schedule!

If anyone can come up with ideas on how to add more time into a day I could certainly use it.Where is Hermione and her magically time-bending watch when I need her?

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