Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Food for thought...quite literally

      If you happen to follow my craziness on facebook...I'm sorry...okay, not really, I warn people so- deal. However, if you do, you would have had a real hard time missing the daily photos of meals go by. I won't say there's a recipe, I do not use a unit of measure that makes sense to most. Ask Julie/Simone...she's tried to follow along and has given up.
     This escapade started when someone posted a meme about the abuse of food stamps because someone has nice nails or what looks like an expensive phone. At least a dozen people commented that you can not eat well on $200 a month. Challenge accepted. I cook enough to feed the hubs- big burly guy, the son- who comes in over 6ft and works 10 hr days in the agriculture industry so he's usually hungry enough for 2, and me...I figured with the guys- that counted as 4 people. 
      Usually I make a menu for the month, my list from there and head out, this time I went at it differently...I was in a cold sweat going into the store with a list of just the stuff I was out of. But, I had gone over all the sales ads and had a couple with me- we set off early and took a cooler. I shopped at stores that had buy one get one sales all over the store, fresh fruits and veggies were included and at the end of the day- I spent 150.00. Most of the meals were one pot wonders, most were done in less than a half hour, unless I used the crock pot and I had originally set the goal like most on the web- 20 meals for under 150.        Today is day 21 and I still have 8 meals on my menu that I made after I got home. The other goal was to have no duplicates...I lost on one- the guys insisted. We've had German, Italian, Mexican, Oriental and everything in between. Lots were cook once eat twice meals that I morphed into other things. 
      When we got home from shopping I sat with freezer bags and chopped up the veggies for various things and made meatballs etc...this was probably not the time for my mind to wander off to Oz, but away it went. (It needs a better leash) I had been writing and rewriting the same story for two months. As I stabbed a head of cabbage it dawned on me that I really hated who my characters had become. They started out as dynamic and turned to duds. So I hauled them all into writer surgery and put backbones in them all & amazingly...finished the book at 3 a.m. this morning. I suppose I should be thankful to the head of cabbage- but that's a bit too weird even for me. There's a push for me to turn this into a cookbook...its a maybe at this stage. Right now I need to go threaten some more characters with a magic wand.

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