Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall is here!

Fall is here, and with it all the summer chores that I've ignored so far are piled up, waiting for me to attend to them. I'm still ignoring them. There's other, more fun things to do, like writing, and visiting the local shooting range.

My characters are bugging me for more attention, citing the fact that the cookbook is officially completed and now it's their turn. They are right of course, but I still have orders to get filled, signed and shipped out so my characters are filling a bit neglected.

They really shouldn't be complaining that much though. I've been frantically working on some rewrites and polishing up the first Jess Barker mystery in an attempt to get it out onto Amazon soon. Which means I've also been working on the second and third books in the series so they can come out rapid fire after that.

Which brings me to why I've been hitting the shooting range. Some characters have requested some handguns for their protection. They all have their own opinions on what works best for them. As they are all different sizes they require different options. In order to know what will fit them best I need to try out different guns. How else can I correctly describe what it's like to fire a particular type of gun if I don't have firsthand experience.

I've been drawing some ideas from author Laurell Hamilton, who gave me a great idea for learning how to describe what it's like to actually carry a gun, and from (newer) author Kathleen Bacus.  In her Calamity Jane mystery (first book in the series), one of my favorite characters in the book - Joe - has a piece of dialogue where he says "Everyone carries a Glock in the mystery books".  (Boy I hope I'm noting that quote properly, she certainly deserves it).

My characters have to be slightly different. One likes the Smith & Wesson line, another likes Ruger, and the third likes Remington. None of them liked the Glock.  I'm thinking my own biases are affecting them here, but I'm kind of happy they all like different ones.

If only my characters were real though. I could really use some help with cleaning and staining my deck, painting my new shed doors, killing off all the weeds that have crept into the various beds around my house, and prepping the house for winter.