Saturday, August 16, 2014

Does anyone remember Josephine the Plumber?

Back in the day, Comet had a spokesperson/character called Josphenine the Plumber, played by Jane Withers (Google it, there's a ton of references).  I loved her. She made me believe I could be a plumber if I wanted to be. I'm not. A plumber that is.

Today I had plans to fix the two bathroom faucets that have been needing help for many months now. I found the YouTube video showing me exactly how to fix. Located the parts in town and decided I would pick 3 sets of parts as I have 3 faucets fromt he 1980's that are identical. It really is a 5-minute fix once the water is off. Far easier than removing the old toilet at my grandfather's ranch house. Yes, I can re-seat a wax ring and toilet by myself, courtesy of a rental toilet jack.

I did the prep work, clearing everything out of the bathroom, off the counters, out from underneath the cabinet and got ready to turn off the water. Only, there were no emergency shutoff valves. Thinking they may be up by the base of the sink, I crawled in and looked up. Nothing. So I called on my oh-so-patient hubby to double check for me, nope none. There are no emergency shut-off valves on ANY of the sinks in my house - including the kitchen sink which is in dire need of a a completely new faucet set.

Next, I called my brother, who suggested that since we have a basement and emergency shutoff valves are mandatory, to look in the basement. Only we'd done that and couldn't find them. We also realized the only way to shut off the water to the entire house is to shut off the pump and then empty the well tank. I love being on a well, but don't want to have to pour the water from the tank into the backyard in order to recycle it back to our well.

My brother suggested that perhaps they were covered up by drywall (which is illegal) and to check the rooms that had been finished in the basement for an access panel. Well, there is one in the downstairs bathroom. The bathroom with the horrible red carpet, improperly installed shower and wall paper. (Seriously, who wallpapers a bathroom?)

I'll look later, I don't want my hopes dashed quite yet. I am hoping that the shutoff valves are labelled - correctly - unlike the circuit breakers. For now, I'll enjoy the nugget of hope that I have that my inner Josephine will be able to prove once again that yes, girls can do anything!

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