Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sneaky is good...Right??

My oldest two granddarlins went from sweet little princesses to this thing called "fan girl" and proudly proclaim themselves to be geeks. They usually have both books and cellphones in hand and for the last few weeks its been a crazy dash to help them finish their cosplay duds. 

    When their mom was that age (14) I ended the "I need designer" phase in a sneaky manner. She had to make of everything needed for school, then what she wanted for the new school year. Then I handed her an envelope and told her what ever was left- went into her pocket & that was absolutely all the money she would get for the items. She became best friends with the "everything for $5" store. Quickly she became the queen of sales and her mantra is "she who gets the most for the least...wins" She handed this down. Which led to many excursions to thrift stores and yard sales & I now know for certain, the spray paint for plastic lawn furniture, doesn't really like clear plastic umbrellas- but light coats, multiple times will make it happen. 
     Jess, the newly turned 12 yr old is sitting at the sewing machine slowly joining the material she salvaged from an ungodly yellow formal (Think Gone with the Wind) with a Caribbean blue trim removed from something else. Her bag full of goodies to work with cost $2 and it was amazing to watch her carefully lay them out and then fold and roll and secure the bundle with a couple of belts and then ease it into the bag, "Well, you don't want it to tear." Yeah, that came along with the know, the one that says drift with me snowflake. She managed to fit enough in there for five days of Leakycon. 
    Tala on the other hand, turned 14 earlier in the month. She asked for several things but it was the conversation with her mom that resulted in my pick of presents. "OMG! Mom, she's gonna be there!" She did this funky dance and her face lit up, "She's going to be singing books too--can we afford it before then?" Yep, she got Coke float cupcakes and the book. "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell. I have never seen a smile that big. 
     I asked what was so special about this Con...both girls jaws dropped, finally Tala said, "Gramma, it's the best. There will be 45 of the best actors from Harry Potter and a bunch of other movies and authors will be there and musicians and we can all be weird together and dress silly and no one looks at us strange." She managed a deep breath there, "There's panels on how to create costumes on the cheap, and other things and its five whole days of coolness." The whole time she was gushing about this, she was patting my arm, sort of like 'poor silly gramma', and then she smiled and said "Haven't you ever been to one?" 
     No thanks to my husband, but I managed to talk her out of dragging me along- not because being in the old Orlando Convention Center, which is beyond huge, surrounded by hoards of people in costumes wouldn't be fun- I simply can't walk that distance any more. They've promised to take a gazillion pictures so they can educate me more after it's over. 
   Later their mom, my oldest child gave me the side eye- "Wha choo talkin 'bout" I tried to play innocent. I failed. Busted--almost. "You've been talking about doing Comic con for what?? Four years?" 
    My response left her chuckling, "ahh, well yes, but they don't know that. I'll be the cool one when I catch on quick like and then we'll do grilled pizzas and I'll be golden." 

   Then this morning I got all wrapped in up in a conversation and before I knew it, I had been hoodwinked, conned, by a friend and writer who will be there-I'm getting one of her passes for a day to go sit at her table while she's on a panel. I can't wait to see the faces on the girls.

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