Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Where Does The Time Go?

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by Patricia Kiyono

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, and I’m really embarrassed about dropping the ball! For the first two years of our author rotation I posted on the first day of each month, without fail. And now I see it’s been three months since my last post!
A lot has happened since that last post, and the goals I set back then have not been met. I could blame it on family issues, and the resulting exhaustion. I could say that my health (lower back pain) has prevented me from completing the novel that should have been finished by May 30. But those would be excuses. Authors with far less time manage to write novels and get them submitted. People with much more serious health issues manage to do the chores that have been ignored in my house. So my excuses would be silly.
The truth is, I waste time. Lots of it. I don’t HAVE to play 15 games of Words With Friends at a time. I don’t HAVE to check Novelrank several times a day. And if the television (which is on for about 18 hours a day) distracts me, I CAN go to another room or put my headphones on. I need more discipline. I found I get a lot more done when I have a to-do list to start my day. If I write my list before I go to bed, I find I tackle it much sooner just so I can cross things off. I’ve read more than one article citing the advantage of doing this – apparently once it’s on paper, your mind lets go and you can sleep better. You can read one of the articles HERE.
So I’ve decided to use the To-Do List strategy for my writing. Before I shut down my laptop for the night, I’m making a list of the things I need to tackle in my manuscript. Specific things, like a scene in which my heroine realizes she’s in love with the hero. Or character profiles for my hero (I just realized I know a lot about the guy, but I don’t actually know what he looks like!). I’m hoping this will help me use my writing time more effectively. If not, I’ll let you know next month!

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