Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Winning at Writing

Almost all people want to be successful at something they enjoy. In our case, we are all writers continually striving to be the best at our trade. Through writing exercises, critiques, advice from others, etc. we push ourselves to the next level in hopes to further our skills. We all want to be winners.With this in mind, I've found articles that will help us be the best we can be.

"People Who Are Winners"
By: Coach George H. Allen
  • People who are on time
  • People who are in shape
  • People who are enthusiastic
  • People who are self-disciplined
  • People who are committed to a goal
  • People who are dedicated to their job
  • People who are organized
  • People who are tough mentally
  • People who enjoy helping others
  • People who are innovative
  • People who are loyal
  • People who enjoy life
Does this apply to you in your personal life? It's good to apply this to your daily life- as it will keep you on schedule. Now, does it apply to your writing? If not, get to it. Make it happen. These tips on how to become a winner will make you stronger in the end.

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