Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This was sent to me not too long ago by an old friend/mentor/teacher/reader. The man is amazing, at 93 he reads everything I send him- including the erotic paranormal stuff.

“An original writer is not one who imitates nobody, but one whom nobody can imitate.” Francois-Rene, Vicomte de Chateaubriand

"The best way to be a writer no one can imitate, is to simply be yourself. You are the only you.
It’s true that some writers have a unique style all their own that clearly sets them apart in a way that other writers can’t imitate. But you don’t have to have an off-the-wall style to be different. Nobody says things the same way you do. Nobody has the same body of knowledge or the same life experiences. No one else sees life through your pair of eyes. No one else has lived through the things and places you have. No one can add your twist on words. Learn from the greats, but in your writing, be yourself."
   Every now and then I need that reminder. 
I probably could have used some words to encourage me to not be so distracted by nice weather, animal antics, or other creative outlets. However, I did find a way to make some of it work for writing. I had watched and listened as the young calves next door moo'd, heads turned upward looking into the trees-only to have the moo returned from across the road. What ensued was a sort of Moo-co polo game. Every time the moo-let next door heard the return of his/her call (I haven't looked that close),it would rotate and look up, and then around, it seemed perplexed, and then it would do it again. Cheap entertainment for an afternoon. I scribbled down all that transpired...because one never knows when you will have need of just that tidbit of life for a story. 
     Little kids are great too, a long time friend sent me a video of her youngest, sitting on the floor-laughing hysterically when a tree frog slid down the rain-x covered glass sliding door and then would jump back, making a rather disgusting sound as it hit the glass only to slide down again. Things that we'd normally gloss over, are perfect examples of how a character could act/react in a story.
     I apologize for any 'oops', I'm doing this one eyed...I managed to catch a flying object from the mower with one...not a catch that needed to be made but, eh, that's the way it goes. Happy Spring, and much writing to you all.

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Thanks for sharing this with me. I've heard this is a pretty great group. My friend said I should try checking out this site .