Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Switching Genres

Every year GRRWG has a Winter NaNo competition. This year I decided to try something different and ended up with a story that is nothing like anything I've written before.

Normally I write in paranormal genres, ones I can have fun with because there are no hard and fast rules about what my characters can do. The month that we started our Winter NaNo, our presentation included writing exercises and I really liked what I got started. I decided to just run with it.

Originally I thought the story was going down one path. But the characters decided to go off the intended path and got "naughty". I don't normally read romance books (unless written by fellow GRRWG authors), and I lack a lot of the instinct for writing explicit romance well. Still, I followed where the characters took me.

Imagine my surprise when the main character took me down a road with her best friend, only to have her boyfriend join in a little later on. They then added in a psychopath, an affair with a police officer, a car accident, a shooting, and some intoxicating mousse.

I was convinced my writing was a juvenile as say 50 Shades, as I ran out of vocabulary options early on, but I kept plugging away. The characters were so much like ones from Suzanne Graham's and Simone Anderson's books that I swear some of the unfound characters had decided to take up residency in my brain to feed me this story.

I'm a big fan of pushing oneself out of one's comfort zones from time to time and this change in genre was definitely pushing my limits. The story is not yet finished, there's an ending still being written, and I last left off with four naked people in a pile on the floor. Definitely not something I would normally write, and nothing I'd ever written before.

Being a member of GRRWG has a big benefit - we have writers in multiple genres who aren't afraid to give an opinion if asked. I decided to wait until I managed to talk Suzanne and Simone into reading parts of the story. I was surprised to learn that it is not as badly written as I was expecting.

This just proves that you never know what you can do until you try. So I will write the ending to the story, hopefully it won't be too formulaic or sappy. Now to work out the details to have Suzanne co-author the story with meand help expand my vocabulary.

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Carissa's Musings said...

My vamps started out as a thing for school where we had to read what we wrote in front of family and friends. Someone had bragged they only wrote 'smut' but theirs was far better than a list of others...yep. She was annoying and always had to be the best& make sure all around knew, so I took one such story line and beat her at her own game. I thought it was pretty bad until Simone stumbled across it and started giving me crap about not publishing it. Right now its a trilogy, soon- that will change. & yes, digging for appropriate verbiage can be a fun thing.