Friday, March 21, 2014

This n that and pondering.

    I'm still unpacking boxes, or unpacking and repacking because I still need the shelves and cabinets to put the things on or in and they aren't here yet. It was comical listening to my Michigan born and raised spouse go on about how he grew up in the cold doing all sorts of fun sounding stuff, (if you're a kid) and it didn't bother him...and then after a mere two and half months- he's complaining its cold/windy/freezing and I'm pointing at the phone and snickering. He'll be back with that load soon and I'll probably snicker every time he says he's sweating as he unloads. I'll soon have garden pictures to share, the blueberries are almost ready to pick and I can't wait.
   Writing has gone by the way side since the end of Jan. Losing Daisy had a bigger effect on me than I had imagined. 2 weeks ago we went to the shelter and adopted a lab mix that we named Chance, his favorite thing is giving kisses. I find the silliest things make him jump and hide behind the closest two foot, usually me or Joe. He cautiously peeks around our legs and then eases up on what ever it was that spooked him, earlier today it was leaves skittering across the concrete. Love bugs are a favorite thing to chase, and butterflies have caused him to meet a bumper and a wall. They said he was a year old, but I think he's younger. Too many things seem new to him and I find myself wondering what his story is. Where did he come from? Was he a throw away? Was he on the streets long? What happened to his people? Did he ever have a family? He's discovered he doesn't have to inhale his food, and waits patiently for me to get it to him.The act of playing was lost on him, he's learning it thanks to our beagle. Tug of war has become a learning tool, sharing the water bowl is still a work in progress, but he's getting the hang of taking turns. Wondering about his story made me start to think about a story I had started back in October and then lost when my computer did something dumb and ate over half of it. The plan was to have dogs in it, now I'm thinking I may use some of the dogs at the shelter here as stars in the story...they have a history, a story to share too.  
     My husband says I'll be the doggy version of the crazy cat lady, he's earned the right to pick on me, we celebrated 30 yrs of marriage early this month. We went to see the Tigers play the Houston Astros- Tigers won, actually it was more of a slaughter than a win. I also discovered that depending on where you are, ball park food changes- in a huge way.(That little tidbit went into my notebook for future reference.) I also discovered if you have spent too long in the north, not taking sun screen equals to a sun burn...something I had forgotten. That won't be part of a story.
 The fog took forever to burn off, that's berries, all the way back to the trees. We need more hands.
This is Chance, taken at the shelter before we brought him home. Who wouldn't want to rub those ears?

Game day. Sunburn day...which ever. It was still a fun day.

  Live Oaks and Spanish moss, but that tree in the front is an orange tree, that's my new one a day..ok so sometimes it's more like 2-3 a day. Here's hoping Spring actually finds y'all, and the snow melts without flooding anyone.


Lisa Orchard said...

Chance is such a cutie! I can see why you brought him home! :)

Carissa's Musings said...

He's a hot mess, but we love him. This week has been "meet the 'big dog' in the yard" aka, the horse. That's been a riot.