Thursday, March 27, 2014

Launching Your Screenwriting Career

Are you interested in writing a movie? Are you having difficulties figuring out where to begin? Check out this website: It has quality information for beginning screenwriters.

From personal experience, it takes a minute to figure out how to format a screenplay. But once you figure out the form, the writing isn't too difficult. When writing a screenplay, think of your story in images. The more images and less dialogue the better. Also, follow the industry rules in the beginning. Learn the rules and write quality scripts before trying to bend the rules. This will start your writing on the right foot.

One of my favorite tools was The Complete Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting. This really helped me in my beginning days.

When your screenplay is complete and you are ready to try and sell your story, the best solution is entering your script into a competition. Choose the right competition for you. My favorites are,, and If you win a competition, doors will open that you never dreamed of. Contacts will be available. And then the fun begins launching your screenwriting career.

Never give up. If you really want to become a successful writer remember "the journey begins when you hear the word NO." Once you hear the word no, keep trying until NO turns into a YES.   

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