Sunday, March 16, 2014

Done, done, done with Winter

I'm so sick of the never ending winter that's currently haunting the MidWest. Mother Nature has been teasing us (or perhaps she's just in earth-pause?) and going from warm to snow within 24 hours.

This winter, the snow in our backyard was so deep that I had to shovel myself out of a drift after sliding into while cleaning off the deck stairs so our dogs could get down to the yard. Even the dogs, our breed is built for snow, had a tough time getting around in the snow. they had packed down trails to their favorite relief spots. Luckily they didn't realize that the snow pack was high enough to allow them to go over the fence to visit the next door neighbor's puppy, otherwise we'd never have been able to get our dogs in.

To top it off, my still new, barely broken in Ford F150 got a huge stress facture across the windshield. While in the garage. Sitting next to our 12 year old Suburban, which didn't get a crack. Neither did Bubba, my 24 year old Ford Ranger, which has been garaged exactly 4 years of it's life (and those aren't consecutive years) and has been in a snow cocoon since November.

My F150 has since been renamed "Fluffy" as it is a pathetic excuse for what is basically a working truck. It was originally named Brutus, but Brutus don't wimp out and get cracks in windsheild over a little cold weather.

All of my ranting has kicked up one of my favorite characters again. She laughs and just reminds me that humans can't control the weather and to buck it up. I really hope the Farmer's Almanac is correct and that we'll have a hot, fairly dry summer. My characters have been napping all Winter, both of us need some sunshine to bring out the stories.

Does the weather impact your writing or help it?

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