Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a fresh perspective

Ok, I'm going to play off of Lisa's post, I can't think right now. My heart is broken, we had to put Daisy dog down, she was my ptsd savior and friend and I'll never find another lab like her.  My oldest granddaughter wrote this and sums up the situation better than anyone. They are now home schooled and Tala, who wrote this went from not reading anything to reading everything and writes all the time.
We are naturally curious.

We want to know things from the moment we are born.

When we are young we ask questions. Seeking information is an instinctive human trait.

We do not hate learning.

The public school system pulls the curiosity from you. It makes you anxious about something we naturally love. It makes you cry. Kids should never come home from school and scream into pillows because of how stressed they are under such conditions.

Extreme memorization is not innovative education.

When I try to post a long paragraph on some network online, explaining something interesting, or something that proves a point, or helps people see from different perspectives, a lot of us would scroll past it upon reading the first sentence.

It is not because we are lazy. It is never true ignorance.

It is exhaustion.

Learning should not exhaust us. We shouldn't feel dread or guilt or depression when we hear a science question. We should feel stimulation. We should feel our eyes opening, our minds broadening.

I'm tired of pretending to be tired around my friends in public school. Because I'm scared to be imaginative or curious around them. I feel like when they are home they can finally shut down and I am painfully waking them up. I don't dumb myself down. They aren't dumb, they are tired.

When I got taken out of school, slowly my interest in the world and everything in it, on it, around it, and billions of miles away from it increased. I could feel that blissful child-like questionable aura coming back to me.

But is it really childlike? Perhaps, we should call it human-like.

You don't hate learning.

Because the universe and everything in it is endlessly complex. Even the the smallest things can be interesting to a huge extent, and maybe if the very idea of education didn't have a negitive effect on us then we would want to know about it all.

Except math.
F*=* math.


Lisa Orchard said...

Carissa, this is an awesome post and explains so much about our educational system right now! It explains why my kids don't seem to be motivated about school, but ask me endless questions when they're home. Thanks for posting this and thank your grand daughter for writing this. :)

Carissa's Musings said...

you're welcome. Sometimes it's that other side of the coin that finally makes the pieces of the puzzle make sense. We can sit & ask why a zillion times and imagine all sorts of things- I mean, we're writers- it goes with the territory, but the answers were simple- too simple almost.