Monday, December 23, 2013

New finds, old treasures, and a new start

   Since Katrina blew us off the map, Christmas has been snowy and cold and lonesome. I was used to friends dropping in and weekend bar-b-ques that ended in bon fires and cookies swaps and there was none of that. I can talk to anyone, I credit the military child syndrome for that...the looks I got for saying hello and asking how their day was in Hillman and Alpena...well...cold would be an apt description. This year is a bit of a change for the hubs- he's from Michigan, but even he is having fun texting a friend to give him a weather update.
   Our granddaughters helped unload the truck and had a grand old time making fun of all the boxes that said "Christmas" and yeah, that stack was pretty high. As I went through the boxes I found decorations from when I was in student housing a few years ago-I found a bin with old decorations the kids had made at school, some I hadn't seen in years.
    We've discovered a few things that got left, like the cow bell that hangs on the door- the dogs go and ring them when they need out...they are all confused as all get out and we keep forgetting to get more, its now on a list for Monday. I discovered something out back that next year will help to resurrect a childhood tradition, Ed said I looked like a kid in a candy store.
   The new house is coming along, there's projects as with anything- the goal is to just be in it for a few months before we make any changes and see how it really works for us. I did gain an office- which right now my cats have decided the desk makes a grand nap spot- go figure. The little town we left 10 yrs ago has grown in leaps and bounds and I spent a great deal of time asking " where did that come from?"
   This year we'll have grandchildren in the house for the holiday, we're making up for lost time- passing on traditions and beginning a new chapter. Through all of this I came up with an idea for a new story...after the new year. So to all of y'all, in the cold and yuk- I wish you a Merry Holiday and much writing- as I sit on the porch and write and look at my Spanish moss draped trees in the sunshine of my yard, I'll be thinking of y'all.


Patricia Kiyono said...

So glad you made it to your new place safely! Hope you have fun creating your new traditions. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Carissa's Musings said...

you're welcome and happy new year