Thursday, November 21, 2013

Things I have discovered...

Over the last few weeks, packing has taken up a huge part of my life...I found out packing paper- is 20.00 a box, end rolls of newsprint are 3.00 and have as much if not more.
   *Calendars make a great way to keep track of stuff from the year-I found some old ones in the bottom of a box. How old? Gas was 1.98 for mid-grade. There's also a record of what I paid for the moving truck for that move, what costume I made for which grand darlin and some odds and ends.
   *Recipes pulled from the coat hangers.
   * Re-discovering Joe's old toys led to an internet search and an investment in some that are still in the package for the oldest two grands. I see pog tournaments with Uncle Joe in their future.
   *Stepping on a Lego hurts more when you're older.
   *This house is more of a dust magnet than I thought it was.
   * Do not leave old pictures sitting around unless you want to explain the shenanigans going on to your kid.
   *The best dialogue always comes when I am in a dark deer blind...always.
   *Query letters for Bus 47 have become the bane of my existence- I am now on number 73, however the wadded up attempts keep the cats busy and make for good fire starters.
   *After the computer ate a good portion of my current wip-I'm finding it hard to be as enthusiastic about it as I was before.
    * I found my certificates from when I carried the Olympic Torch (yes still have the torch- Coke bought it for me.)
    * The holidays are better when Ed (aka- the hubs) is not deployed and most of the kids are near.
    * I'll need a bucket loader to pick up the box of cookbooks.
    * It doesn't matter what is in my hands- if I'm coming out of the kitchen, at least one dog will try to trip me.
    * It does me no good to do an outline for a story- by the end of the first chapter-I've run off in another direction.
    * My grandma used her hand to measure everything in her recipes, with her 12 kids, and all that they created- only my cousin Kelli Jo, me and my youngest son can use the same method and have the recipes turn out right.
    * Venison left overs can be used on a pizza and it is good.

The gov't shut down delayed us in closing, we should be able to do this the last week of this month, so for now I'm cussing the weather men, and coddling the pooch- thanks to all who sent our fur baby well wishes, we appreciated it. Emergency surgery is no fun for man or beast.

**Update on 11/24ish**
We have the final approval on the loan & a closing date- Dec. 3rd.


Stephanie Michels, author said...

woo hoo! December 3 is my birthday, so I hope it will bring you good luck!

Patricia Kiyono said...

I hope your move goes smoothly! Sounds like you have a lot of memories to pack up.

Scott Payne said...

We closed the sale of the old house Dec. 28, the day after we moved 28-year household in into the new place. Major cat surgery Dec. 29. Most pressure I've experienced since Vietnam. Now, Dec. 1, we're 75% unpacked. Cat recovering well, disappeared for hours in discarded boxes. Almost threw him out. All told, it's a rough, rough process but you recover.

Carissa's Musings said...

We finally closed on the 11th, after driving 2 1/2 days through snow and ice the sellers decided they didn't want to drive to closing- which was 30 minutes away from here so we had to drive 2 hrs to get to them- I was so annoyed at that stage. The horse was delayed coming in because of weather but so far only 1 cat is still having issues with the move so all is good.