Friday, November 1, 2013

Christmas Wishes

by Patricia Kiyono
No, I'm not trying to rush the holiday. But it is Christmas book release time, and my brand new holiday novel, Christmas Wishes, is due to release any day, so I thought I'd use my GRRWG Blog Day to tell you about it.  Don't you love the beautiful cover? The talented Elaina Lee (many of us met her at last year's GRRWG Writer's Conference) outdid herself once again.
In my previous life as an elementary music teacher, I had plenty of experiences directing children in programs. And then when I had my own kids, I put in time at their Sunday School by directing the Christmas program as well as a spring musical. So writing about Sophie Gardner's experiences in Christmas Wishes was no problem at all!
Here's the blurb for Christmas Wishes:

Mitch Carson is tired of the big city. In his former life, he'd been a news photographer in Chicago, where the dangers are endless. But now, he just wants to settle down in this quiet town with his daughter, Angie. Here, his only fear is losing his daughter to his scheming mother-in-law.
Sophie Gardner wants to be a screenwriter. She's ready to leave small town Zutphen, Michigan and go to Hollywood. With a theater degree under her belt, she's busy writing scripts while helping out her sister Joanie, who's bedridden with a difficult pregnancy. Unfortunately, Joanie has somehow coerced Sophie into directing the Christmas pageant at Zutphen Community Church.
When Sophie and Mitch meet, the attraction is instant and mutual. But each wants what the other is trying to get away from. Can they deny their feelings and pursue their dreams? Or will the holiday prove to them that their true wishes might not be what they'd thought?

Look for Christmas Wishes beginning November 5 at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other ebook outlets!


carissa marks said...

Love that cover

Patricia Kiyono said...

Thanks, Carissa!

marilyn scott said...

That's a beautiful cover, looks interesting too. Have fun!

Marilyn @ Christmas wishes