Sunday, October 6, 2013

Not all social media is friendly

      This weekend has been an eye opener. As me, myself, and I- I am quite vocal & political and I have no filter. A response I made to someone on a friend's page was reported, after she removed all of hers and I got a ban from facebook. Okay, no biggie. That's what I thought until I went to my author page. This is a separate entity from my personal posts on anything except books, release dates, characters, works in progress, signing dates and public appearances. That was shut down also. So I nosed around to another friend who writes for a newspaper and has an author page. She's been shut down for thirty days for the same thing. They did this less than 2 weeks before her book released which really screwed that one up.
     Of course they have also made it nearly impossible to contact the wonderkids at facey placey, so I can only wait it out, in the meantime, I'm also moving my author profile to Google+. I'm not crazy about it but a back up plan is better than nothing.

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