Sunday, September 8, 2013

Writing Challenges

There can be many troubles that occur before everything slowly comes together, but in due time everything will work itself out. The trick is to stay steady in mind and determined to succeed. And of course, it is important to continue trying to solve the problems until they are resolved.

For the past several months writing has been a challenge. First there were computer problems. The computer will overheat and shut down. Whether the work is saved or not, it does not matter, the computer shuts down and erases all the writing. Next, the wireless internet would stop working for almost two months. That can make it difficult to write when some of the programs used are only available via the internet. Third, to start from scratch on writing because everything has been erased can be frustrating when beginning again.

So what to do? When everything is decently working again, begin by setting completion dates for your writing. And then begin with an outline.
Currently, I have started composing an outline. The outline is to be finished by Friday. Next, a rough draft shall be written by September 30th, 2013. Then the final draft should be composed between October and November. And then the fun begins, trying to become a published writer. 

In the meantime, enjoy each day. Work on being healthy. Enjoy the work you do. Make sure to enjoy the company around you: family, friends, significant others, and pets. And let the writing flow from your fingertips when you sit down and write. 

Never get frustrated when things don't go your way. Get tough, fix the problems, and then make everything else go your way. (and then when you are in a rhythm, have fun with all your writing friends and enjoy a weekend writing retreat with all the greatest writers surrounding you in November.) 

Those are my words of wisdom on how to successfully overcome writing struggles in the year 2013. 

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