Monday, September 2, 2013

Time Management

   Sometimes I hate those words.  It always makes me feel as if I'm disorganized lacking in good management skills, but in order to accomplish anything, you have to manage your time.  It's like a budget.  Not so good there either.  When I plan my budget and walk around feeling virtuous because this time it's going to work, along comes the water bill which I forgot or the car needs a set of new tires or whatever.  When I plan to write every morning from 8 to noon, every week day, I end up falling off the track almost right away.  I was just too tired to get up that early and writing from 11 a.m. to noon while you're still foggy just doesn't produce a lot of work to be proud of, or you forgot you have a doctor's appointment or someone is coming over that you want to impress so you have to clean your house.  She's not going to be interested in your time management, but whether the bathroom has been freshly scrubbed or whether last night's dishes are done.
       Time management when it comes to writing also depends on discipline, another word that barely makes it to my vocabulary list.  Self discipline means forcing yourself out of bed, putting something in the crock pot for dinner and meeting that person you want to impress at a coffee shop..  Being disciplined means prioritizing, is there such a word or did I make it up?
       Anyway, I'm having these thoughts because summer is finally over and I will soon be like that woman in the commercial who is sitting in silence, the sound of September, she says with a wise smile.  I understand that this year more than ever.  Somehow, the summer started off with a bang and stayed that way for all three months.  Our children are grown up and have graced us with grandchildren who come to stay with Grandpa and Grandma a lot.  What can you do when they wake up and stretch and say I love waking up here at the lake.  I'm caught.  I'm not sure my grandchildren have ever heard the word no from me for anything unless it might endanger them.
        So tonight they've gone home.  They only live two miles away, but I know things will change.  School starts in just two days.  My time is my own again.  (Their mother is probably thinking the same thing as she counts down to that moment the school bus takes them away and doesn't deposit them home again for eight blessed hours.)  I no longer have to share my computer with my ten year old grandson, I don't have to play dolls or make cookies  or answer innumerable questions for my four year granddaughter.  I can lay in bed first thing in the morning and think about what I want to write today.  I can discuss things with my characters, what they feel, what their goals are, their problems.  I can progress with my story line.  I can be organized and manage my time and achieve.  I'm grateful that time has come again, but you know what.  I'll be looking for that bus to drop my grandchildren off some days so I can make cookies and play dolls and share my computer.  That's as important as time management..

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