Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jumping In

by Suzanne Graham

After much weighing of pros and cons, I've decided to finally join the growing number of self-published authors in the market. This decision has re-energized me and increased my excitement about writing new stories. Something I sorely needed after a rough start to this year. Like many authors, I suffer from bouts of debilitating depression. The first half of this year was the worst I'd experienced in a long time. I am grateful to be nearly back to myself now.

I'm excited to announce the upcoming release of The Billionaire's Pilot with this gorgeous cover by ├╝ber talented cover artist at Fiona Jayde Media.

Coming Soon!


Tess Grant said...

Congrats on the new book! We're glad to have you back. :)

Carissa's Musings said...

it's not that scary,it can actually be a bit liberating.