Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are You the Egg or the Ham?

Someone taught me that we are either the egg or the ham when it comes to achieving our goals.

A chicken has to have the right conditions to lay an egg. The chicken needs to be in a relaxed environment (no trama) with lots of sunlight. The sunlight helps activate a gland. When the gland is activated then the chicken can lay an egg within 24-28 hours. After the egg is laid the chicken can get up and move around and start the process all over again. Depending on the chicken and the environment the chicken can lay eggs all over their surroundings. Hence the part, when a chicken lays and egg it walks off to start a fresh new project.

As for the ham, the ham has a tough life. When the piglet is born the focus is to keep the piglet healthy and happy. She needs time to play, eat health, and be loved. As the piglet grows into a pig then there will come a time when she has served a purpose. For a happy thought, I would let the pig become part of the family where she can produce off-springs. But still, those off-springs on a farm are fed and nurtured for one reason. When the time comes they will become a moist and tasty piece of ham. The ham has one purpose and the ham usually reaches the end goal.

Which do you choose to be in your quest for accomplishment? Would you rather be the egg that is dropped everyday or the ham that successfully reaches the end results?

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