Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aloha and Mahalo!

Hello, fellow GRRWGers!
I forget to blog here almost every month.  I use the excuse that there's a six hour time difference, and that if I write after dinner my time, it will be the eighteenth your time when it posts, so why bother?
I did want to let you know of a development in my mid-Pacific world, which I owe all to you!
Last winter, I joined a local networking group, West Oahu Women.  We meet monthly, network and listen to a speaker, similar to what GRRWG does, only without the writing.  A couple of weeks ago, I met with the founder, and I talked so enthusiastically about writing and you and what a wonderful group you are that I was asked to present this month's workshop, "How to write your first book".
I'm winging this one, relying on an exercise I used during the first GRRWG conference in which we wrote a book on the fly.  We'll hit on voice, GMC, some of the here's journey, plus structure before I ask for Q & A, which I'm relying heavily on to fill the time slot.
What I wanted to say to you is a big thank you (mahalo).  Without your support, wisdom and friendship, I' d never be able to make this step.  You are an awesome bunch of people.  I follow most of you on Facebook and still belong to the loop.  I may not respond often, but I'm very proud of what you accomplish.  Whatever else life throws at you, you're "ohana" (family) to each other and me.  Keep on with your journey and know that you have a major supporter on a little rock in the middle of the ocean.

P.s. Expect a few sales of "The Everything Writing Guide" as I'll be plugging it.
P.p.s. There's talk of starting a West Oahu Writers Group.  You'll be its inspiration.


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Lisa Orchard said...

It's good to hear from you Cheryl! Wouldn't it be cool to have a Hawaii brand of GRRWG? We could all come visit! ;)