Friday, August 16, 2013

Never Underestimate the Power of a Cookie.

As I've been working on my cookbook, I've been compiling a list of stories involving my "famous" Snickerdoodles. These are the cookies that have made me amazing connections across the globe. So, yes, when you eat one of my Snickerdoodles you're eating a cookie that has been eaten by people from nearly every country on the globe (definitely from every continent).

I often use my cookies as "bribes" and they have gotten me any number of fun items in return. Most of the time I simply use them as a calling card of sorts, never really expecting anything in return but they do make a great conversation starter. Recently, I had an unexpected benefit from sharing my cookies.

I often travel to my home office for special projects or on-site training. We normally stay at a nearby chain hotel, which happily directly bills my employer so there is no need for using my credit card (huge plus!). There is a very nice woman who works the desk there that I met on my first visit. She is usually the one to check me in and I always give her some of my cookies when I check in, as I invariably have dozens in tow anytime I visit our home office.

A few weeks ago I had to travel to my companies home office for a week. Our new assistant was booking my travel only to find out the hotel was sold out for part of the week that I would be there. While working on alternative options, she decided to try to call the hotel directly to see if there was any space. By pure luck, she got my favorite desk clerk who, upon hearing my name, promptly responded "Oh, she's our Cookie Lady!".

It just took a few minutes, and my friend had not only gotten me a room, but upgraded it and made sure it was billed at the regular rate. Our new assistant called me back to confirm my reservation and asked about the Cookie Lady response. I explained about my cookies and promised to bring her some as well.

So, not only did my cookies get me a room, it got me an upgrade for free, saving my employer quite a bit of money. I was pleasantly surprised, as was my boss who got a good chuckle from my story. My boss is quite familiar with the history of my cookie scores, everything from backpacks, pass to conferences, and more recently a very nice, large bottle of my favorite Jack Daniels.

My motto: Never underestimate the power of a cookie!

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Suzanne Graham said...

I love this story, JC! The power of the cookie!!!