Friday, July 26, 2013

Marketing Ideas

      Hey y'all. yeah, not my day...but I had some ideas I thought I'd share. With the move looming in the not so distant future, I started looking up independent book stores in the area I'm moving to and then included a fifty mile radius. It was great, it gave me websites, addresses, phone numbers, etc. and made it really simple to find out if they were still open. The site I used is: and it runs off an address or zip code- super simple. One thing they had in common- they were begging for local authors to come do signings and meet-n-greets and were quite happy to work with me and put my books on their shelves.
     When I mailed out my letter I sent a candy bar with my promo label from the last convention- I printed those at home and the template was an excellent price- free. Just look up free Hershey bar wrapper templates and play with the wording. Along with that I sent book marks-craft day, made them, laminated them at home; on the back I put my website address, a list of books out now and a link to my publisher.
    I LOVE my business cards, I ordered a hundred for fifty dollars and I can put a hundred different images on them ( playing with their template took a bit but it wasn't too bad. Again, on the back went all the pertinent info. Lots of bookstores will hand out book marks-and that is my name in someone else's hands when they are looking on amazon for a new book in the middle of the night...score.
     One of my friends found a local printer that did 500 paper bags with her logo for a super cheap price, the deal was, his info ran along the bottom of the bag. ( 100.00 for color) One of my more demented friends had a severed head found by a dog in her story- she found skulls somewhere on etsy and then through a bead catalog and attached them to pencils with her website printed on them...again, not expensive.
     Besides writing, we also have to keep that bottom line in mind and be on the look out for something to grab the attention of readers, buyers, and all the other players in getting our work out there. Think out of the box...ask a kid for ideas- let me just say, they are no where near a box usually and you'd be surprised what they come out with that is really doable.
      We do have a closing date, as long as nothing else goes wrong between now and then. So this winter when y'all are backside deep in snow, remember where I'm at and come see me.

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Patricia Kiyono said...

You're welcome to share your marketing ideas with us any time, Carissa! thank you for the great ideas and for reminding us that our job isn't done when we type "the end".