Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pride, Purple, Parties and Queens

June is the "official" month of nearly 40 special causes. My absolute favorite being GLBT Pride (and I think it's appropriate for being Iced Tea month as well).  I always wear something purple for Pride, both because it's my favorite color and because Pride seems to bring the purple out for everyone.

I love Pride events, I'm like a little "energy vampire" and soak up all the fun, zany energy that flies around the events. It gives me a great burst of writing energy and creativity.

This year, Grand Rapids had it's first Pride Parade, which happened to also be Father's Day, so I missed out on that festivitiy, but I did get to go to the PrideFest in downtown Grand Rapids. The crowd was wonderful, purple was everywhere, and the energy was phenomenal! I was happily surprised by the number of allies, and their families, mixed in with the crowd and being very respectful. There were no protestors this year, which was a very welcome change.

Pride is like one big party that lasts all day long, kind of like a mini Mardi Gras.  I saw dozens of rainbow tutus, there was a kids craft tent, loads of rainbows, lots of friendly dogs and even one pet goat. Yes, a real live, cute, cream colored goat! And like any party, there was lots of flirting among the crowd, a few happy drunks, and lots of load music with random dancing. In other words, my kind of party.

One of my primary characters also happens to be a Draq Queen and while watching this year's Drag show there was a non-stop commentary going through my head as i watched Queens dance, strut, look gorgeous, and make the crowd go wild. I just wish I could have jotted down all the ideas I was getting for my character, but I had friends to see and Queens to greet.

For a few friends and family, this was their first pride and it was fun to watch it through a newbie's eyes and see how the sheer color overload could get them into the spirit of things. As for me, I came back worn out, sunburnt, and full of new ideas to use in my story lines.

The challenge now is simply to find the time to write.

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