Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy, busy, busy....and a new release.

Finally some warm weather! Yay!! The month has been crazy between real estate nightmares and hassles with my formatter guy but one of the new books is out and the next one should be out soon. What sparked the idea for this was a three way conversation about why guys had all the best roles, why was he a beast? why couldn't SHE be the beast and it snowballed from there. At the time I was finishing Run-in With a Devil but this one nagged and whined until I gave in and wrote it. I will be at ThunderCon in Alpena July 20th & 21st at the mall, I will be right next to Sci-fi author Tom Sawyer. We went last year to support John Garavaglia, who does some killer artwork in his comics and Kurt Kulka (Cardinal Comics) will be on hand, so the event is shaping up quite well. I suppose I should add something useable, there's been other posts about how to do_____(fill in the blank) But instead, I will say, stop, get your hands dirty in the garden, take a breather and recharge.Now that it's a bit warmer, I have a ritual, I grab a lounge chair and a bottle of suntan lotion and a book from my favorite romance author- Stephanie Laurens, and a pitcher of something made with rum and sit outside. As I write this the hubs is in search of my chair. This year I have to add one, Christina Dodd has a new one, Oh,and really fab version of stonehenge in her backyard that her husband created for her.( Cue the awwww)Sometimes you just have to give your brain a break.

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