Wednesday, May 1, 2013

by Patty Kiyono

For some reason, I love to take on challenges. Every year I participate in GRRWG's Winter Nano, as well as the Roar into Writing (information about both challenges are described on the GRRWG Challenges tab above). So when my publisher announced an open call for a summer regency story with a deadline only three weeks away, I had to start brainstorming story ideas to see if I could come up with something that could be developed into a story. Fortunately, the call was for stories of five thousand words or more – in other words, the length wasn't a problem. So I put my other projects aside and went to work.
I write every day on a website called 750 words. This is an online journal that keeps track of the days your write, shows you many words you've written, and sends reminders to your email if you haven't written by a certain time. It also gives you cool "badges" that you can collect for different writing accomplishments, like writing so many days in a row, writing without interruption, writing early in the morning, etc. So for the past two and a half weeks I've used the 750 to write scenes for this story. One day I wrote out my list of scenes and found out I have what I think will work for a story outline. I identified the scenes I still need, and the character development I still need to highlight. The deadline is today. Did I finish?
Yes! The manuscript is a bit rough because neither of my beta readers had time to go through it, but the story is there. I managed to get a synopsis out to a senior editor with my publisher and she approved it, so I know the story line is solid enough, but the writing has some weak spots in it. Still, I'm relieved because I got it done and it has been sent. Mission accomplished. I feel great.
Now, I just have to dig myself out from under a mountain of dirty clothes,unpaid bills, etc. In other words, back to the real world. But while I'm doing that, I'll be thinking about my next story.


K.D. Norris said...

You don't fool me; writing is your real life. KD

Tess Grant said...

That's great, Patty! Way to power through.