Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Game Whisperer, Kickstarter, and Authors

What does a gaming aficionado and Kickstarter have to do with writing and publishing? Well, a lot more than you may realize.  For starters, as I have learned so far, getting a game to market can be even harder than getting a book to market. First you have to create a mock-up, then if going the traditional routes locate a game publisher to get it published, OR if going the independent route you need to locate investors, gather the funding to get the games produced, find a company to do the production runs, and market the game. (Sound familiar?)

My friend Richard Bliss started his podcast called Funding the Dream back in 2011, with help from Kickstarter as a large component of his website The Game Whisperer. Gaming – especially board games – and marketing are in his blood. He is the most brilliant marketer I have ever met and put nine of his unique marketing concepts into a self-published book titled StealingThe Show

Now, you may be thinking I'm trying to sell a book here, but I'm not. Really, I'm not. It's just that Richard has an amazing amount of information tucked away in his podcasts that I found very insightful for writers. Specifically podcasts #38, #41, and #42 have all sorts of tidbits about what it's like to use Kickstarter. The amount of work may surprise you, as well as the legal considerations, there's an interesting perspective on the new world of book publishing, and overlooked issues the can cause the IRS to deliver a nasty surprise to your doorstep if you don't tread carefully. 

The best part of all of this is that his podcast is free. So take it for a spin, learn some new tricks and hear about some new games. And if we're really lucky, maybe GRRWG can get him to do one of his Crowdfunding Bootcamps for us so we can all learn of a way to use Kickstarter and social media to get our next projects into the hands of our readers.

You can find the podcasts here:

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Patricia Kiyono said...

Now that would be a great topic for a meeting workshop! Hope our VP sees it!