Saturday, April 20, 2013

Random Thoughts from Carissa

I flipped through the morning paper and happened to glance at the best sellers list- not something I normally do. And then I had to cheer- a self published author made the top 15. Yay Jasinda Wilder! (Falling Into You)Anyone who makes the top 100 I will cheer for. This business is hard enough with a mainstream publisher but to make it on your That means she has done a promotion job and then some. On to other things. The week has been a series of ups and downs and somewhere in the middle.The bombings held everyone's attention, mainly because the media was addicted and they dragged us to the trainwreck and dared us to turn away. Then Texas had a disaster that anyone ever connected to a farm, knows all too well. Grain silos, hay that spontaneously combusts, fertilizer...yesterday was the 18th anniversary of the Ok. City bombing,that taught many what fertilizer- ammonium nitrate- can do. The recent explosion rocked a small town, they lost friends, everyone was affected in some way and each of these incidents have spawned their own characters. The iconic image of the fireman carrying little Bailey, the first responders raising the flag at ground zero, the volunteers that ran to danger to help what in a sense was a neighbor, the man who had lost his sons and was handing out US flags at the marathon and then ran along side a wheelchair rushing a young man who had lost his legs- holding on to the artery of one damaged limb...characters. There are things in everyone of these people that could make a great hero for a story. However, that leads to another dilema. How and when do you use this? I used to make fun of my ex's timing, he wrote not one, but 3 scripts/manuscripts and no sooner were they in the mail when the basic premise was advertised along with a release or premier date...and then (karma hit)I had a similar experience. I write thrillers when I'm really stressed. I can kill what bugs me...legally. That's a good thing, I don't go to jail and it makes for a good creepy/tense storyline. I had an idea for one, that sort blended with a love story so I scribbled down a few "flash scenes" and then put it away--only to have something horrific and very similar happen in life. I've sent the now completed story off to a couple of people I refer to as my crickets. They are the voices of a conscious that has wrinkles when it comes to writing. One I've been friends with since first grade and the other is Thelma to my Louise. Whether or not I submit the story, will depend on what they say. My personal good news is that we made an offer on a house, its a short sale, which is misnamed- nothing about this is short, and I had no less than twenty people ask when Beastly was coming out. They got the update,and it has them chomping at the bit and left me feeling pretty good. So, like the weather, just some random thoughts to eat up part of your afternoon. j

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