Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Evils of Baking

As I continue work on my cookbook for family and friends, I've been trying out a few variations based on requests from the same group.  That means I'm also researching various methods of baking with sugar-free and vegan options, which means I stumble over other evil deliciousness in the process.

I have found multitudes of Snickerdoodle recipes, many are nearly identical to the old Betty Crocker version that I've been using for decades.  Dozens upon dozens of recipes for the "best" chocolate chip recipe ever, although my hubby can make the most delicious ones using the tried-and-true Nestle Tollhouse recipe. The only difference being that he creams the butter and sugar by hand as his grandmother taught him.

Yesterday though, I found the most evil, most compelling recipe to try out this weekend. It's a homemade version of one of my favorite Girl Scout cookies: the Samoa. The recipe seems easy enough, the only ingredient I don't have is the caramels. I have no plans to include this one in my book, unless I find a "better" way to make them. 

Still, I must try them out. I'm pretty sure I can still let my pants out a bit more.

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