Sunday, March 31, 2013

Taking Care of Me

by Patricia Kiyono

Happy April! We're finally getting some spring-like weather, and that always gives me more energy to do the things I should be doing – like cleaning the house, getting some exercise, and catching up on unfinished projects (crafts, sewing, and of course, writing!).
Our Winter Nano challenge in February/March resulted in the skeleton of a new story, but I really haven't worked on it much since then. A bad cold (I'm still coughing after almost three weeks) drained me so much it was all I could do to go to work and rest up until the next time I had to leave the house. So lots of things have gone undone.
But now it's time to get going. Being under the weather actually reminded me to take care of myself first. I need to get to bed at a decent hour and get enough rest. I should watch what I eat, and make a conscious effort to get outdoors more. When I do that, the rest of life seems to fall into place. And I just heard about another NaNo challenge - the National Romance Novel Writing Month - NaRoNoWriMo - for the month of April. Hmm. If you're interested, check out their WEBSITE.
So I'm going to close this post now, and get to work – right after I get back from my walk. Yeah, I've seen the weather forecast. It's going to be cold and snowy again. Oh, well. I'll just have to bundle up. It's not like I have to dig my coat out of storage or anything. Sigh.


Simone Anderson said...

The new challenge sounds interesting...definitely have more energy with the onset of Spring and the sun and the longer hours of daylight! said...

Chicken soup and rest, from what my dr said, this bug likes to revisit it's victims.
Take care of yourself.