Thursday, February 14, 2013

What you think about after you submit a manuscript

by Joselyn Vaughn

This post is going up on Valentine's Day and being a romance writer, I should be offering you all kinds of tips for making this a fabulously romantic day for you and your special someone. The problem is I'm not terribly romantic and I recently submitted by sixth manuscript.

I've had five manuscripts published, so you'd think that submitting another one wouldn't be that nerve-wracking. I'd be able to send it in and tackle the next idea.

But after I clicked send, I started to wonder. Should I have beefed up the heroine's feelings of inadequacy? Should the villain have a deeper motivation? Should I have explained more clearly how he committed his nefarious deeds?

Part of me says these aren't a problem. After the manuscript is accepted, an editor would look at these questions and decide what needs to be beefed up or altered. I should stop worrying.

Then the doubts answer. What if the publisher hates it? What if they want the villain to do all his lines in mime? Could I even write that? What if they quality isn't up to my previous books? The publisher likes the story, but I need to rewrite the entire thing.

Then more worries. What if they like the book, but they look at my past sales and decide I'm no longer worth the risk? They can't afford to spend money on editing, cover art, and promotion that they aren't recooping.

The worries spiral. Maybe I shouldn't be writing at all. Is there something I could do that would be more profitable (dollar-wise, at least.) I could actually learn to cook.

I  thought some of these doubts and worries would go away after the second or third manuscript, but they keep cropping up. They must be just part of the joys of being a writer.


Patricia Kiyono said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with these worries. Fortunately, the rest of us are all extremely positive that your book will be published and that everyone will love it. Distract yourself by working on your next story, or your next sewing project!

Joselyn Vaughn said...

Thanks, Patty! I did receive a contract for it. Wonders never cease. Now I have to tackle edits. :-)