Monday, February 25, 2013

Seriously, 2013?

I believe that when we last spoke I was still getting used to being back at my old job and not finding any time to write.  Now I'm two months into the old job and well... things kind of suck.  We joke around in our office about this job being cursed.  It seems like everyone who comes into the job has car trouble and gets sick within the first few months.  I already went through the job curse the first time I did this job and I never even left the agency or the program so I thought for sure I'd be just fine.  I thought wrong.

Less than a week into being back on the job I was on my way home from a visit on a snowy Sunday night and went into the ditch.  I had $5,000 in damage to my car and had to pay out of pocket for a rental car while it was being fixed (for 16 freaking days!) because my insurance doesn't cover rentals.  While I had the rental, I hit a pothole on the highway and got a flat tire.  So then I had to get a different rental (which actually turned out okay because the 2nd car was way cooler... LOL  Word to the wise, pay for the extra insurance when you're renting a car.  It blows, but covers you when you get a flat and lose the hubcap on the highway.)  All the money I'd looked forward to by switching jobs was therefore blown on car repairs and rentals.

February rolled around and I thought, "Okay... let's start things over." The universe said, "Screw you, Kel!"  I got a case that was straight out of an episode of Hoarders, literally.  I then worked every single weekend, and by the third week of the month, I'd come down with hives because my allergies were going bezerk.  So for the past week I've been all itchy and had scary old woman wrinkly skin from the hives on my face, and I've been drugged up on a new allergy medication.  Yesterday was the first day I woke up without any sign of hives on my face.  Oh and that car accident from January resulted in a $150 ticket that arrived in February despite my attempt to fight the ticket.  So I get to be completely broke at the end of this month too. Yay!

March is just around the corner and although the case that caused my hives is over, I've already got a new one that is seriously the case with the highest risk I've ever had, so I'm all Anxiety Girl over it and totally stressed out.

So yeah,  2013 is kind of sucking so far and I'd really like a break!  How's the year treating you so far?

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