Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finally....finished...and more from Carissa

    Thank you for the good wishes on the release of book three in the trilogy. Most of you were part of an emailing I had sent out last fall asking if I was just crazy (ok, more than normal) or if things were just not right with our situation. The advice was more than welcomed and with That Bites, that chapter is finished and I can walk away...or so I thought.
     Legally there is nothing binding-which is good, however, I now have a major distrust of publishing houses that I have recently discovered as I started to make a list of possible places to submit my WIP. If it followed the same genre as the others--I would know exactly where I would send it to. This one is a walk down a new path. I'm writing a kids book and have no clue who to trust, where to query and part of me is screaming "just self publish it." While the other parts are saying, "No, give it a chance."
      In my perfect world, it would be out in July as a birthday gift for the oldest 2 of the grand darlins, who have been the driving force for me doing this project. Now I just have to find the map to get to that place. Added to that is that I came to realize my surly I-hate-winter attitude and the not so nice things I have yelled at the weathermen on TV are all contributed to the fact that I really do not want to be here. We landed in Michigan after Katrina, we lost a house, a business, a business partner and we ran to Texas, where Rita found us. We had brought my son a box of clothes- (for some reason it didn't compute that winter in Marquette, was vastly different than a Gulf Coast winter and waiting until Christmas break would probably result in frostbite.) when the last hurricane hit. We fell into a family hunt camp for a few months before finding a place...writing became my salvation during those first few months, and if I had not landed here I have no doubt that I would not have gone back to school, or met some great people, or finally written the books I always knew I wanted to...but, I am missing out on things my girlies do- Tala had the lead in a play and I couldn't be there, my daughter had a major health scare, I wasn't there, I returned the favor and scared her- she couldn't get to me...when we were in Orlando last spring for graduation it became clear that I needed to be back there.
      Once I said the words out loud the story, which had been at a slow down, (instead of writing it straight through, I had started writing scenes and have maybe a dozen that I really like, but will have to mesh in) suddenly started pouring out again. It's obviously not going to be a fast move, and where we are now is a great hunt camp area so I hope to be up in the fall- which I love and can see you all then.
    I am also looking for suggestions- for places to submit said kids book, (its sort of potter-ish, but with witches, fairies, sprytes, and dragon like critters for ages 8-13 most likely) And then seeing as how I am getting no real publicity on the trilogy through the publisher- what has been the most effective means of attracting new readers/buyers for y'all?
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