Sunday, February 10, 2013

Doing Things Differently

By Suzanne Graham

With my next two works in progress, I've asked for help from a co-author. The first project is a M/M shapeshifter story that I've had on my virtual desk for a few years now. I got off to a solid five chapter start and sort of fizzled out. I knew where the story needed to go, but I was lacking something to get me there.

So, I decided to bring in an expert at M/M storytelling for her input. She's also a fabulous world-builder, which happened to be one of the areas that my work was sadly inadequate. Unfortunately, we are both busy with other projects right now to devote to our combined effort, but I look forward to March when we will both have more time to work together.

My second joint adventure is a dystopia novel for the New Reality series with Resplendence Publishing. Each month a different author has been asked to write an erotic romance set in a dystopian world. I received a June release date, and I was sure I would be able to finish my current projects and jump into Faith's Revenge in time. Then I realized it was going to be really tight to meet all my current obligations. My choice was to either cancel my participation or call in another writer to co-author the book with me. Fortunately, I'd developed a friendship this fall with a new writer, and he agreed to jump on board with this project.

I'm really excited about these two projects and doing them differently than my previous books. Writing is a solitary business, and I've greatly enjoyed having another writer to bounce ideas off of, to share frustrations with, and to celebrate little victories with much laughter.

Thank you to my two co-authors! (More details coming soon!)

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