Friday, February 22, 2013

Can We Be Done Now?

It's official.

I'm totally over winter.


So, I'm posting pictures of some my favorite summer places just to remind me that I won't always be cold. I'm going to sit here and pretend that the snow and ice and crappy roads are a thing of the past. You're welcome to join me. Here, have a glass of iced tea.

And also, if you'd like to add anything, here's my Open Letter to February. 


Joselyn Vaughn said...

Love the pictures! I was really on the fence about wishing for a snow day today. While I didn't want to get up early, the kids really needed to go to school. Spring can come anytime.

Tess Grant said...

Count me in! Ready for some sun (although we can skip the mud part!).

Simone Anderson said...

Absolutely stunning pictures! Yup, I'm ready for winter to be over.