Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Blahs

    I am a southern girl through and through, which means there is only so much of this white junk that we can tolerate before we start to whine. I figured after my thirty minute rule I needed to find something else to I started looking at places to submit my kids book that I'm starting in a week.
    Well, it started out that way...and then "oooooh, shiny" kicked in and the cookbook I've been threatening to write for eons crept in there and those places landed on the list and I had to pull myself out of that area and try to the process I ended up with three more story ideas in my sooner or later folder.
     I think my problem is that I can't crawl into a writer box and say "I write________." and have it be one thing only. I'm never sure where the ideas will come from- some are dark and twisted, others are a reflection of life, and others come from discussions with my kid.(Yes, the book-aphile) My current project is one that came to me back in Sept. and has steadily reared it's non-pc head and yelled at me to let them out of the folder. Only other writers would understand arguing with characters that you created. So, as these tid bits pop up,and are catalogued, I also discovered that I am subject to taking that 'ooh shiny' aspect to pictures-where I am quite likely to look at one and think, "oh yeah, there's a story behind that" and then it all goes to ink and I'm scribbling away again.
    There is one common denominator across the genres, and that is a strong female lead character, one that knows her mind and follows her gut instincts. This is going out the window with the kids book, my lead finds herself in an unknown place, and everything that was familiar, is changed in someway--I can't wait to see what happens with her. Of course, this new entity has also created a need for a pen name. I was fine with my name being attached to the main stream fiction book, and/or the erotica...but I'm not so sure I want someone seeing my name on a kids book and then seeing the other titles-especially with one of the covers looking very juvenile, and then discovering that there is nothing child-like about those stories.
    And now you know why I chose crazycarissa for a twitter handle. To have this much stuff vying for space, you either have to be a writer, or in need of mental health care. Check out my Beastly Beauty page on facebook. It's where my updates are- hopefully soon I'll be able to say I have a publisher for it.
If Mother Nature cools her jets and provides some decent weather, I'll be able to see all you lovely people again soon. Keep writing. :)


Patricia Kiyono said...

I have trouble sticking to one thing, too. Glad I'm not the only one with a Sooner or Later folder. And yeah, if you've got one name for your hot stuff you'll want a different name for the kids' book. The people who order stuff for libraries will thank you.

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