Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No tears- I promise.

      So, yeah, not my day, but there's been a few gaps so...think of this as a space saver.
     I was wrapping a present for my son-Joe, and I thought back to his favorite present. He was in third grade, so you'd think-super heros or some toy...yeah, not so much. It was a book. Now, not just 'a book' because he had been a fan of Shel Silverstein and my favorite mom torture/punishment for the others (Joe is the youngest) was if they misbehaved, they had to sit and read to Joey.
     He got to pick the book, and there wasn't any cheating because he would rat them out in a heart beat. Joey really liked when Jason got into trouble because he would do voices for the characters. Every Christmas the older kids got a "good" book, it was well made, bound well, and a classic. Joe kept asking when he was going to be old enough for a real book and I by-passed the answer.
     That year had been a triumph- he made it through the whole first part of the school year without being admitted to the hospital, he was doing well in school, no major disasters other than the washer having a melt down and every third item on his wish list was for a "real" book. So I watched him with his library books for a couple weeks and then went to speak with the librarian. She said Joe, who is usually a disaster zone, was always so careful with his books...so I caved. I went to the store and tracked down a copy of Frankenstein. Leather bound, smelled like a book and bought it.
   He, along with the others teased for an early present, one for Christmas Eve, so I dug under the tree until I had one for everyone, they tore into them- Books, they were checking out each others treasure and then they realized Joey hadn't opened his yet. Slowly he pulled at the tape on an end and peeked in, then opened it a little more and then the ear piercing shriek as he ripped the rest off- he had a real book.
Life was good at that moment- right up to bed time when he had to close the book & realized he didn't have a book mark. It was suggested he just fold the corner...yeah, the result was a look that was akin to telling him broccoli was actually better than chocolate. We had to find his wrapping paper, fold it, flatten it until it wouldn't bulge and THEN he would use it. (eye roll a teenager would be proud of)
     Ed was adding bows and tags this year when I started to snicker as I remembered that long ago gift-which is still on his book shelf, and asked what was so funny. I reminded him of that night and he just sat shaking his head and said it was all my fault he was so persnickety. Joe got the last half of a set he was reading, seven in all and once again....yeah, not a book mark to be found. *sigh*.


Patricia Kiyono said...

Great story, Carissa! You must be so proud that your kids appreciate and enjoy REAL books! Thanks so much for sharing.

Simone Anderson said...

Love this story. Great idea for punishment for kids.