Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blaming the Pounds on Writing

I decided to put together a cookbook as my first self published eBook. Since then I've been testing out a few different recipes that are inspired by a single cookie. Luckily, I have some taste-testers to help out, but I've gained several pounds while testing the mix as I go along.

The cookbook has been requested by friends and family to assemble all my cookies, muffin, and bread recipes together. I don't expect it to sell even 100 copies, but making it available by eBook will make it easier for everyone who's had a particular cookie or muffin get the recipes in one fell swoop.

Baking is my hobby, not my profession, nevertheless I've been told I make “evil” goodies. They are evil in the sense that they will call you from the kitchen to come eat them and you can't possibly eat just one. Some of my favorite recipes have been nicknamed “Satan” and one of my newest recipes has been called “Heaven”. It will be fun to include all the nicknames that the recipes have been given.

I wish there was a way to deduct my pounds like I can deduct expenses from my taxes. The tax man would probably want proof of my weight before and weight after with increases along the way attributed to each trial. Maybe if I gave each pound a name I could deduct them as dependents?

Nah! That's too much work, think I'll make another batch of cookies instead.

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Patricia Kiyono said...

If all your recipes result in wonderful treats like your muffins, I'm sure the cookbook will be a great success! Thanks so much for sharing them. And hey, if claiming extra pounds as dependents works, let us know - we've all got a few extra. Well, most of us do, anyway.