Monday, December 10, 2012

Writers Get Outed

by Suzanne Graham

It seems like there are one or two new stories a week told about a writer getting outed to their community. Some are using pen names, others are merely using their own names, but not widely advertising their books to their local communities.

The stories that get the most press are the ones that focus on high school teachers who use pen names to publish erotic romance. Because we all know that teachers are completely asexual beings, right? What could they possibly know about sex? As one student expressed when he learned his English teacher was an author: "It was just crazy," Hoover junior Justin Small told WKYC. "I don't know, I could never picture a teacher writing that."

My favorite story this past week was about a Church of Scotland clergyman whose worshippers were angered after they learned he wrote a "secret erotic novel". Heavens forbid a married minister write about one of God's gifts to mankind! These are some examples from the "racier" bits of the story, as reported in an article in the UK's The Telegraph:

Describing one of Drew’s numerous encounters, Rev McKean wrote that a female character claimed to have forgotten her nightie “but her eyes gave everything away”.

In a later section of the book, Drew, who is also the narrator, said: “We rested briefly and then came together again, hungry for each other's bodies, loving until our passion- but not our love was spent.”

Another steamy section relates how the hero, in a state of arousal, dances the tango with a lover.

So, what do you think? Do you agree that school officials should be charged with uncovering teachers' pasts or second jobs that administrators deem unbecoming to educators?

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