Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The week before Christmas

This year I vowed to keep Christmas simple. I tried to do as much of my Christmas shopping online as possible, but last weekend I couldn't avoid the store since I had both regular and Christmas shopping to do.
It started off with a bang.

I'm walking into Target, trying to maintain my Zen and NOT rush around like a mad woman. I'm purposely walking a bit slower, just to overcompensate for the frenzied energy in the store. I do one of those half halts- like one of those rolling stops at a 4-way stop sign. I realize I can't get distracted by the cute umbrella. I continue onward, and notice a woman ahead of me, facing my direction. Her husband is pushing a red cart a little behind me. I'm still not sure if she was referring to me, but once he reaches her, she says,


Apparently he was 3 seconds past the time on her stop watch.
So much for Zen.

I became the mad woman that decided the quicker I could get out of the insanity, the better. I feel like I've been darting, dashing, and on the verge of a serious panic attack since that afternoon because the week before Christmas is much like the week before your wedding. Suddenly there is So Much To Do!

Take a minute for yourself. I promise I will since I'm still committed to simplifying Christmas. Ten minutes even. Clear your mind. Find a quiet spot without a TV or computer. Relax. Do something simple but special for yourself. I'm going to try out this new recipe I found called Righteously Rich Hot Cocoa. Chocolate restores Zen, right?

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J.C. Hanks said...

Hot Cocoa can fix anything!