Saturday, December 1, 2012


It's the first day of the last month of the year, and while part of my mind is occupied with getting ready for the holidays, another part of me is mulling over the goals I set for myself this year and comparing them to what I have actually accomplished so far. I went back to my personal blog to see what I set out to do this year. My goals weren't outrageously lofty, but they seem to have been a bit too ambitious for me. I won't bore you with my weight loss and sewing goals, but for this post I'll focus on my writing goals. I had three for 2012:
1. Write 750 words per day at
2. Complete two historical novels
3. Complete two contemporary novellas

So how did it go? Well, Number One went pretty well, except I've had three days when I either forgot to log in, or started to write but had to stop for one reason or another (usually work) and then forgot to go back and finish. But I guess 362 out of 365 days isn't all that bad. Number Two isn't quite done. Unless you count my Christmas novella, a regency, as a novel. So I'll consider that sort of done. And Number Three is done, with the help of my awesome writing partner, who is a whiz at filling in plot holes. I guess this year has been a success as far as my writing goals!

The down side of this? My kids are telling me that I'm neglecting their father. I've always got my nose pointed at the computer and my eyes are tired. My back hurts from hours of sitting. And that's not just from writing—it's the networking and the promotion that goes with it. So I guess I need to try and balance my goals with more family time. When they come to visit I put the laptop away, in another room, along with my phone. I've really let my exercise slide, but I'm parking farther away and walking a little at work (having an electric car makes me look for the charging stations, and sometimes they're not too close to where I'm going).

So while I'm happy about achieving most of my writing goals, it may have been at the expense of some other things in my life. I think I'll spend the month of December reflecting on this (while continuing with the marketing of my current books and editing another), and setting some better goals for 2013.

Merry Christmas!

Patty Kiyono

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