Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Encouragement Bounce

Two weeks ago, I attended the Ready, Set, Write conference sponsored by our very own Grand Rapids Region Writers Group. Since I arrive home, I've actually been writing. I'm going to attribute this to tips from Jennifer Armintrout's workshop on time management.

I've been discouraged lately for a variety of reasons, but a main one being that my kids' schedules are changing and the 'free' times I had before aren't there.

Jennifer had some great tips for working around this, and reminding me of things I used to do that I have somehow forgotten.

What I took away from her workshop:

- I have resources I am not using: notebooks in my purse or around the house, Evernote on my Kindle and phone, and software on my computer, Scrivener. Each of these I can and will be using more effectively.

- Don't expect quiet hours, expect minutes. I never have hours; I have minutes. Ten minutes while the kids are playing nicely (haha!), twenty minutes while I'm waiting for my daughter to go to the bathroom, fifteen minutes while they are having rest-time in the afternoon. Instead of wasting this time on Pinterest, I can spin out a blog post or edit a couple paragraphs.

All these minutes add up to words on the page, but more importantly, they are encouraging. I'm working on the story more. Instead of feeling like it's stagnating, I feel like it's moving forward, even if it's only word by word and sentence by sentence rather than chapter by chapter.

Sometimes you only need something little to make a difference.


WS Gager said...

Great suggestions from both Jenn and Joselyn. Any minutes writing are good minutes.
W.S. Gager on Writing

Simone Anderson said...

Great tips! Agreed - writing time is good time.

Patricia Kiyono said...

It was a great conference, wasn't it? Even when listening to things we've heard before, it was nice to get the reminders. And getting together with people who understand your frustrations is always a good thing.