Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time is Fleeting

I am so far behind on things!  First, I've slacked in signing up for our GRRWG Conference next month. I've volunteered, it might be nice if I actually complete the registration form!

Also, I'm late on my blog. I don't have a valid excuse, because I have been writing, but on my books, not my blog. Our ROAR contest comes to an end in a little over six, short weeks and I have 4 - yes, that's 4! - books to finish up for it.

NaNoWriMo is right around the corner as well.  that will hopefully drive me to finish up at least one of those 4 books for ROAR, but I won't hold my breath.  You see, I've written myself into a corner with a big scene for one of my books.  I'm kind of stuck in this little side story and can't seem to find a way out of it. With due dates rapidly approaching I may have to just power through this corner, find a way out - graceful or not - and get on with the rest of the story.

The good news out of this recent writing flurry, is that I now have more story lines for my first book series, and another one for my favorite character which involves something with Lincoln.  The bad news, is I simply don't have enough hours in the day to write everything down that's in my head.

Head jack downloading technology can't get here fast enough!

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